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Please specify the difference in vision that you say otherwise it seems we are preaching division


Secondly we have been asked to contribute to a public process which is to expand participation to include any interested party in developing the strategy yet you have a challenge giving any input except to say we are different. What is your idea and we should get concrete on the content of strategy

If we are different show it in the responses and that will appear in the strategy documents?

Lastly please say what you wish without spelling doom


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Merci pour votre courage! Thanks for your courage!


Thank you also for your broad-mindedness and calling it a debate, and moreover saying it is constructive.  Like Dr Yassin had made a point earlier, people who ask questions or present different points of view and/or even make objections to a topic in my view should not be osterized. 


We certainly are closer to an understanding, to what I call groups with two "different visions" rather than "two opposition groups" Adiel of AfriNic deduced from his understanding on an earlier email.  Therefore,  I agree with Pierre in that we need to expand the WG to include groups or teams with different vision to make it successful for Africa.  


ICANN and its societies are already aware of the different visions and even the conflicts in the Africa grouping, so to pretend one group represents the vision or interest of the other, is not even genuine.   If we do not solve our own problem on such issues, ICANN will be having a difficult time implementing any proposed strategy due the continues conflicts and this, as already well said would be shame for Africa in the eye of the global public.    The ICANN Africa strategy is just the beginning of a journey and its legitimacy and success only depends on continuous support by all Africans, otherwise it will be just another failed strategy.


I will send my thoughts on the Development Fund, Fatimata.  Indeed it is interesting.  


Kind regards,


-- Lerato Ma


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Dear All,


Now that the process of developing a strategy is launched, and in light of the strong constructive debat happened in this mailing list on this subject,


I think the idea of Fatimata is very interresting, but we (Africans) should adopt a consistent approach. Concretely, I propose the following:


1. The creation of the Development Fund must be clearly stated in the strategy being developed in the chapter dealing with the financing.


2. Extend the members of the ASWG Experts in strategic planning and Internet Governance


If we (African activists) continue to foster relationships other than professional, and to form working groups with our friends or colleagues, then we would still be ridiculous in the eyes of the world.


Best regards.


Pierre Lotis NANKEP
IT Engineer / ANTIC
Web : http://www.antic.cm
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Hello All,


Regarding the AFRALO-AfrICANN joint meeting in Toronto, the theme proposed by Mohamed Bashir on ICANN African Strategy and seconded by many of us, is a very good and timely one.  However, as the ASWG is asking for inputs on the same theme, for the same period and from the same community, I don’t think it would be a good idea to run an almost parallel consultation on it.  


Therefore, I would like to suggest for your appreciation  “the creation of a development Fund” initiated by ICANN, to support the developing countries’ active participation in the whole ICANN process and to facilitate their integration in the Internet domain industry .  This fund could be supported by other partners and its management style would have to be defined


Please provide your feed-back as soon as possible and not later than Thursday 20 September 2012


Thank you all and best regards,


Fatimata Seye Sylla


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