[AfrICANN-discuss] AFRALO-AfrICANN joint meeting theme for Toronto

Victor Ndonnang ndonnang at isoc-cameroon.org
Mon Sep 17 11:32:02 SAST 2012

Dear Fatimata,


Thank you for your message and for the proposed theme for our upcoming joint
meeting in Toronto.

As I said previously and I’m sorry to repeat myself, the proposition of
Mohamed was the best one and I was not seeing any conflict with the work of
the ASWG. The ASWG is working to propose an ICANN strategy document for
African with the inputs from the entire African Internet Community. I was
thinking that the joint Afralo-Africann meeting on ICANN Africa Strategy can
come out with a view of this specific community and a document presenting
the most common propositions from that community. And that document can be
exploited by the ASWG as far as AFRALO-AFRICANN and the ASWG are officially
different entities. 


The theme you are proposed can simply be part of the propositions of
Afralo-Africann community to the ASWG. We can manage to see how the
Afralo-Africann joint meeting in Toronto can be organized before the ASWG
one. If we organize our meeting on that theme, It will be like we are
presenting the outcomes of the ASWG work before them and that can also


Also, I would like to mention regarding to your proposed theme that the
ICANN Fellowship is already there to support developing countries
participation in ICANN and others mechanisms to support RALOs are already
there. I think and others can agree with me that what we urgently need are
mechanisms to develop domain industry in Africa. Domain names are one and
the most important part of ICANN work (business) and I believe that Africa
will never efficiently participate in ICANN if there is not real development
of domain names industry in the continent.


I would also like to remind others colleagues that ICANN deals with domain
names, IP addresses and policies around them; ICANN is not about global ICT
development and we have to understand that and be more specific when
formulating our propositions. We cannot ask ICANN to do everything for us,
we have our homework to do too.


Finally, if we like it or not, the next Afralo-Africann meeting in Toronto
will have an impact on the work of the ASWG. So let us agree on that and
organize a meeting that will be helpful to the work of the ASWG. We have a
chance to propose outlines for an ICANN strategy plan for our continent, let
us put all our energy on that and help ICANN comes out with a strategy that
will really make Africa “visible” on the ICANN ecosystem.


Sorry for the quality of my English, I hope you will manage to understand
what I’m trying to understand.


Best regards,

Victor Ndonnang.



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Hello All,


Regarding the AFRALO-AfrICANN joint meeting in Toronto, the theme proposed
by Mohamed Bashir on ICANN African Strategy and seconded by many of us, is a
very good and timely one.  However, as the ASWG is asking for inputs on the
same theme, for the same period and from the same community, I don’t think
it would be a good idea to run an almost parallel consultation on it.  


Therefore, I would like to suggest for your appreciation  “the creation of a
development Fund” initiated by ICANN, to support the developing countries’
active participation in the whole ICANN process and to facilitate their
integration in the Internet domain industry .  This fund could be supported
by other partners and its management style would have to be defined


Please provide your feed-back as soon as possible and not later than
Thursday 20 September 2012


Thank you all and best regards,


Fatimata Seye Sylla


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