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Yes, that's exactly what we should be doing! Ensuring Africa's full
participation to all Icann's constituencies and learn to build a consensus
on what Unites!
Our business and industry and académia need to be more visible at ICANN and
hopefully the 3 year strategy could be a good starting !
Pierre D.

On Thursday, September 13, 2012, waudo siganga <emailsignet at mailcan.com>
> Katim,
> Your points resonate with me and I think they lay a foundation for
improvement for Africa's place in ICANN. I have been participating in ICANN
for a decade in the Business Constituency and I do not see Africans there.
Most Africans are either in AL and GAC with a few in Technical Community
and IR. This is reflected in the ASWG composition. At some point we need to
review ALL constituencies, SOs, ACs of ICANN and make sure that we are
participative everywhere rather than being only where some people expect us
to be.
> I respect the contribution of the volunteers on the ASWG though and wish
them well.
> Waudo
> On Wed, Sep 12, 2012, at 09:03 PM, Katim S. Touray wrote:
> Dear all,
> I want to share my thoughts on the vexing issue of the composition of the
ASWG.  In the first place, I think its unfortunate that this very important
question has been mingled with the DCA issue.
> That said, I do not think it helps to brush the important question aside
and say that we should move on, simply because we need to.  Simply shouting
people down won't help us, and won't make issues go away either.  I would
have expected a more robust and substantive response to the question of
representation on the ASWG than what has been proffered so far.
 Specifically, I expected that the ASWG would be composed of African
representatives in the various ICANN Supporting Organizations (SOs) and
Advisory Committees (ACs), along with Africans on the ICANN Board.  After
all, these are people who represent us in these entities, and as such
would, in my opinion, be the most effective in deliberating on, and
delivering our concerns to ICANN's leadership and community.  And I think
the bulk of them were there in Prague.  Even if it would have been too
cumbersome to have all of them on the ASWG, I would have suggested that
they meet over the matter, and choose who among themselves would be on the
> But all that is water under the bridge.  We now have the reality that the
ASWG is formed, and they are at work.  What remains now is to provide them
our full support to ensure they are successful in their task.  But we must
also learn from the lesson provided by how they were formed.  I think our
reps in various ICANN SOs and ACs should get together to draw up an MOU or
something along those lines to spell out how we, as an African community,
can develop policies and positions in the common interest.  For a start, I
suggest the matter be included in the agenda for the Toronto
> Thanks to all of you for your efforts, and for sharing your ideas, and
best wishes!
> Katim
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