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Well done brothers and sisters, well done for the effort so far.

I think and believe that the Question is, Did the members of the Working Group seek acknowledgement or nomination  from the regions? Answer is No
 I was told by a member of the Group that the group was formed quickly in order to take advantage of the opportunity while they were in Prague. Why the rush then and now rush to Toronto. The Strategy is to benefit us in Africa - why rush to Toronto with half baked Strategy after the recent quick meeting in the RSA? Why the rush? Or are we being Pushed by something outside of the Africa that we belong to?

ICANN can not demand for a Regional Strategy as it seems to be claimed in earlier postings to this list...

There is always time to do things better.
Kind regards. Yassin

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Your posting regarding composition of the ASWG shows at least one thing : we should all communicate better and also strive to stick to facts! For if we were all at the same Level of information, if we revisited the way the Core group was formed in Prague no one Will dare say it was a self elected Group!! And there was one out of the 2 African Reps currently on the Board at that same meeting which appointed the Initial Group of 4!

It is therefore frustrating to hear that the sélection of membres of the ASWG has Become a vexing issue! But as you rightly pût it, the work has started and we should all feel concerned by the result!!

In fact, the current constitution of the Group responds to all your criterias ! Here it goes:
Maimouna Diop Diagne - mayediop at gmail.com - West/GAC
Palesa Legoze -  palesa at doc.gov.za - South/GAC
Pierre Dandjinou - pdandjinou at gmail.com - West, , At large,  RIR, former membre of ICANN président's  strategy committe (PSC)
Nii Quaynor - nquaynor at gmail.com - Board Alumni, atlarge, ccTLD, RIR, West

Alice Munyua - alice at apc.org - East/GAC
Barrack  Ong'ondo Otieno  - barrack at aftld.org - East/AfTLD
Mouhamet Diop - mouhamet at gmail.com - West/AfRegistrars/Board Alumni, RIR
Tijani Ben Jemaa - tijani.benjemaa at fmai.org - North/AFRALO
Michel CAPDA - capdasiege at gmail.com - Central, atlarge

I hope this helps

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Pierre Dandjinou
Cotonou - 229 90 087784 / 66566610
Dakar 221 77 639 30 41
skype : sagbo1953


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