[AfrICANN-discuss] certs team information

Jean Robert Hountomey - AfricaCERT hrobert at africacert.org
Sat Sep 1 14:46:16 SAST 2012

Dear Al,

We are in the process to update CERTs Team information in the African 
Continent for the new website in development. We have chosen to use the 
template  of FIRST.

Would you please update these information for us?

Thank You.

Jean Robert Hountomey

*Team information*

Official team name:

Membership type:

Date of membership approval:

Team host organization:

Country of team:

Date of establishment:

WWW server


Type of constituency:

Description of constituency:

Team contact information:

Regular telephone number:

Emergency telephone number:

E-mail address:

Facsimile number:

Postal address:

Timezone: UTC +

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