[AfrICANN-discuss] The "ICANN Africa Strategy" Is Not the Same as the 'African Agenda'

Y Mshana2003 ymshana2003 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 21:31:35 SAST 2012

The weak will unless extra care is provided.
Btw why allow the conception to begin with if it could be avoided? Oga Nii please its time you put the gun down and let ideas fly- dont shoot them down. Let others have an opinions heard. 
I am requesting this for the benefit of others who come in with ideas.
There is no single Chief in this global phenomenon called the Internet as much as I respect the Recognition of those who have contributed to bring us to this Stage, I dont think it is fair to the up and coming generation to be shoved off when they have something to say. We have the most Democratic Society when we look at ICANN processes - that can be ruined if others voice and opinions are treated in the manner it is now.

This may raise a question about How neutrally is the ICANN Board is advised/informed about African issues. I have started having some doughts about that... I might be wrong though.
I stop there.
Kind regards

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Nii Narku Quaynor <quaynor at ghana.com> wrote:

...feel free to live in ancient times. Some of us want to move forward into a future without killing babies

On Oct 27, 2012, at 13:49, Y Mshana2003 <ymshana2003 at gmail.com> wrote:

Lets just the babies example. It is in African history of Bantus what they did to babies who were with any signs of deformity or disability.... They were made to die. Thats what they did....
Sounds horrible but it happened! 

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Nii Quaynor <quaynor at ghana.com> wrote:

...and not killing babies, please

On Oct 26, 2012, at 12:58, Y Mshana2003 <ymshana2003 at gmail.com> wrote:

We done one and all:-) 
Good discussion going on there...

In my opinion, Agenda is an agenda - call it a anything E.g. Policy Statement for.....? Strategy should be the strategy to address the Agenda. This would the be followed by an Implementation Framework. Then the Implementation Plan with identifued or specific Actions/programmes/projects with: outputs, indicators, risks, outcome, costs etc..

All in all the process thould involve all Africans through nominated representatives of equal voice and vote.

That is what I would wish to happen.

Thank you for reading this.

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Pierre Lotis NANKEP <lnankep at yahoo.fr> wrote:

My dear Adamou,

The first project (African Agenda) would have died at birth.
The second project (ICANN Africa Strategy) is poorly designed and probably would not have a long life. It looks like a premature baby.
But fortunately some premature babies can succeed in life. In any case, we want the best for this second project and are ready to fly to his rescue.

Best regards
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Agreed. I suppose in fact the ICANN Africa Strategy has practically become the channel for Africa & the "African Agenda" (whatever that is, really). The issues are not new at all, but hopefully the new ICANN leadership is keen to put its money into this…as a single, unduplicated effort.


From: Adamou Nacer <adamou.nacer at gmail.com>
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Date: Thursday 25 October 2012 2:04 PM
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Subject: Re: [AfrICANN-discuss] The "ICANN Africa Strategy" Is Not the Same as the 'African Agenda'

And also that we don't need two initiatives that try to solve the same problem. Probably, it would be better to have the two projects to merge and then avoid wasting energy and resources.
Just an opinion.

Le 25/10/2012 12:50, Vika Mpisane a écrit :
At least we can agree both initiatives (African agenda & African strategy) are about advancing Africa's participation at ICANN regardless of who's behind them…


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Subject: [AfrICANN-discuss] The "ICANN Africa Strategy" Is Not the Same as the 'African Agenda'

The "ICANN Africa Strategy" Is Not the Same as the 'African Agenda'

Gideon Rop

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