[AfrICANN-discuss] ICANN Leadership Positions: NomCom Activity

Dr Yassin Mshana ymshana2003 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 00:36:13 SAST 2012

Dear Africanns,

It is here now - the search for leaders in ICANN will start soon as we all

May I ask us all to look around you and decide who you would Nominate when
the NomCom floats the Call for this?

There are Leaders out there who may not have anything to do with ICANN but
would bring in new flavor to the Organisation from African Region - please
let us reach out for them!

I am posting this because  I did not have much to do with ICANN until the
day I received an email that I have been nominated to serve in ccNSO back
in 2004! I responded and believe that I did my best in PDPs for ccTLDs. The
responsibility was the 'feel good factor' and the global work 'tested' my
ability to dive and swim with others. That told me that someone saw that
quality in me - not many people knew about small me - there was an article
in one of African national newspaper (???) that why should a such less
known person from a small country represent Africa region at ccNSO. I
happened to have served my term with ccNSO when I moved in and lived and
work in that country and all was fine! I made good contacts and friends in
that country (you know which one now?) now I am operating from here..

In that case, if you know someone in the woods keeping low who you think
would learn and contribute to ICANN processes, please go ahead and nominate
the person!!

At the end for the day, ICANN is for everybody! what matters is the
professionalism one brings into ICANN. There are individuals in some
countries which have not have a chance to be brought forward to the firing
line - let us outreach them for new ideas - to serve through ICANN

I throw that to the open - veterans have done their best - we need new
ideas and faces now.

That is my small contribution to that effect - I have thought nominations
of individuals from Republics of: Zambia, Chad, Guinea Bissau, Uganda,
Sierra Leone, Djibout, Madagasca and Mozambique.

That is for now on this.

Kind regards

Yassin Mshana

*Independent Consultant*
c/o DFID-Sierra Leone
5 Off Spur Road, Wilberforce
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