[AfrICANN-discuss] Who controls the internet?

Victor Ndonnang ndonnang at isoc-cameroon.org
Thu Oct 18 12:37:10 SAST 2012

Thanks Anne-Rachel for share this interesting article.
The same question with new answers. Anyway, this question will still around
for many years.
Great input from Alice Munyua: 

"Western dominance is the one of the biggest challenges for developing
nations, says Alice Munyua, a researcher and policy development expert,
representing Kenya and Africa on forums such as Icann. "It is a big concern
for African governments and stakeholders, and not just because of how the
internet is governed, but how it is developed from a commercial and
technical perspective," she said. "There is a feeling that we are not able
to participate or contribute effectively because of the lack of capacity,
skills and resources, so there's a digital divide in terms of access, but
also in appropriating the internet for our own development."

This, she believes, is the reason most African governments are supporting
Arab proposals that countries should be compensated, by websites and
internet services, for the flow of internet traffic they generate, and that
wide-ranging privacy protections be introduced with exceptions for law

I is clear that the Multi-stakeholder model of the Internet Governance is

Best regards,
Victor Ndonnang.

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