[AfrICANN-discuss] It’s like that in life, there are always bad players and bad losers!

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Sat Oct 13 11:19:00 SAST 2012

On Fri, 2012-10-12 at 18:19 -0700, Lerato wrote:

"I'm sure the ICANN Board will check the allegations...
>                  If the ICANN Board checks the allegations and  
> accepts that they are true why should you favour UniForum?   
> Irrespective of the fact that you think that the letters are so  
> cloak and dagger, and desperate, why should you condone the fact  
> that ICANN Board members that have conflicting interests are going  
> to sit down in the new gTLD Program Committee to preside over new  
> gTLD decision-making?
You assume that the conflict allegations are actual truth.

Someone told me that the Internet never forgets, now there appears to  
be a lot of truth in that.

Mr. Mike Silber, "former director of UniForum SA" - I have been unable  
to find any evidence to support this claim.
In my research, it looks to me that ZADNA and UniForum are completely  
separate organisations.
It seems ZADNA is a creation of the South African government via their  
Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002. "In 18 May  
2007, the Minister of Communications published a public notice  
officially giving .za DNA the full assumption of management of .za in  
terms of section 59 of the ECT Act)."
Uniforum seems to have been around much longer. I found "UniForum SA  
(originally /usr/group/) in 1988. During 1995 UniForum SA were  
delegated the responsibility of administrating the co.za domain  

ZADNA's mandate:
"65.(1) The Authority must­ (a) administer and manage the .za domain  
name space;"
It seems ZADNA wants a Central Registry and that is why Mr. Chris  
Disspain company was consulted... nothing to do with the new gTLD  

Since then, two things appear to be happening at Uniforum, they have  
applied for the "africa" gTLD and perhaps due to their size, are  
becoming the "South Africa Central Registry (ZACR)". There is no  
suggestion that one event is dependant on the other. It also looks  
like the gTLD "africa" race started before the ZACR change.

ZADNA (the government rule maker) seems to be on the outside of this  
ZACR (the actor) change - which make governance sense.

This didn't take long to research.


When I see two parties running for the same goal and one party starts  
throwing mud at the other - I tend to support the other. Go read the  
subject line...

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