Re: [AfrICANN-discuss] It’s like that in life, there are always bad players and bad losers!

Dandjinou Pierre pdandjinou at
Sat Oct 13 07:28:52 SAST 2012

Seems This list is getting Kafkaian!!

Pierre D

On Friday, October 12, 2012, Nii Narku Quaynor <quaynor at> wrote:
> I saw 9 posts at the link. All are against something or somebody and 4
are complaining about conflict of interest
> Where is support for something else? May be those are somewhere else
> Its quite unusual and that raises questions
> On Oct 12, 2012, at 19:01, Lerato < at> wrote:
> McTim
> Here is the correspondence site of DCA with ICANN along various other
> As far as Mr. Karim, and your reactions to the two links you posted
below, I  believe Thomas has already responded to you quite well, on the
same post you did on The Domain site.  I have re-posted his reply to you
> Dear Karim Attoumani Mohamed,
> Your comments are quite irrelevant to the issue even as you have also
displayed unwarranted pettiness in your attitude.
> First, DCA's letter to ICANN is about Conflict of Interest. If according
to your comments,  you already "agree that we must avoid conflicts of
interest", then what is your problem with DCA's letter to ICANN?
> Your attempt to conflate the issue and relate it to the applied-for
string name is quite diversionary and aimed entirely at mischief-making in
the pursuit of an unknown agenda. Your thinking that the 'dotAfrica' string
and '.Africa' string are different gTLD names is borne out of wholesale
> Moreover, you seem to be calling the results of the application for the
gTLD strings even though you are not an expert on string similarity. Are
you a member of the ICANN Evaluation Panel or do you have friends in the
panel that have indicated to you secretly that they would favour your
preferred applicant?

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