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FYI - this is what Dr. Yassin wrote in 2012 on aswg



This is what Dr. Yassin wrote in a public list exchange in 2006... The Dr knew what rough consensus meant.. Africann ought to have the same thing with ASWG in 2012 

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Seconded !

Please lets move on positively.

I believe in "consensus" - the best democtratic way to govern global issues
and ICANN is doing that. I have experienced that and been part of Policy
Development Process .....There is NO Hidden Agenda so please ALL come out
and contribute...



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.... and in addition we (Technical people) should (out of this realization)
pass this our culture, to our children to carry on, after us!


Dave Kissoondoyal wrote:
Dear Staphane,

I don't think that there exist any hidden agenda to be pro ICANN or
ICANN. The issue is that we, the technical people should have our opinions
voiced out and I can see the only way that we can achieve this is having a
common front. Nobody can deny that the open and transparent development of
the Internet has been possible thanks mainly because of the "Technical
People" and it is our duty to make sure that there is no diversion to this
"open and transparent future development" rule. The only way we can make
sure that this is the case is by being part of it, not outside.

Best regards

Dave Kissoondoyal
President, ISOC Mauritius
PIR .ORG AC Member
Director of IT - Teleforma Mauritius Ltd

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The 'Internet Pavilion' booth is co-sponsored by the NRO, ICANN, and
ISOC and aims to promote a greater understanding of the existing
open and transparent bottom-up development processes of the
technical Internet community.

I seriously challenge the idea that there exists a "technical Internet
community". Technical people, like the others, are divided about
Internet governance issues. Not all of them support ICANN or would
write, without laughing, that is has "open and transparent bottom-up
development processes".

IMHO, the NRO should not engage into what really looks like pro-ICANN
political propaganda.

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