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My specific questions remain unanswered.hmm your questions will be answered soon by results of the evaluation that will follow the guidebook, 
that is if the governments in Africa do not try to decide to influence ICANN again for an exception or I should say do a resolution and shove it down on ICANN's throat? 
by the same, I notice the questions that never gets answered such as ones raised by Dr . Yassin earlier on this list, say on matters of abuse of trust, bad influencing, lies and manipulations?  I guess each to his own defense? 

--Lerato Ma

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>> I would have to post the whole guidebook to show the number of violations
>> McTim? ;)
>> I suggest you read both public comments submitted by the respective
>> applicants, as your comments reflect comments by one applicant only?
>My comments do not reflect anything but my own evaluation and opinion.
>> But you have me worried now that the evaluators might do the same, maybe DCA
>> should send a reminder?
>> Opps, hope we are not using this list to discuss "DCA issues", though, maybe
>> we should rename it .africa issues. ;)
>My specific questions remain unanswered.
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