[AfrICANN-discuss] l'Antic nomme son conseil d'administration

Adamou Nacer adamou.nacer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 15:25:30 SAST 2012

Hi SM,
for the moment, I am not really involved in the cameroonian Isoc chapter 
as I am not living in Cameroon. But Victor is on this mailing list and 
his opinion is more acurate than mine. But the Antic board members have 
been appointed by the president of the republic himself, that means it's 
highly (and probably only) political and if so, the Isoc chapter wasn't 
giving the opportunity to express his opinion.

Le 29/11/2012 13:29, SM a écrit :
> Hi Adamou,
> At 00:56 29-11-2012, Adamou Nacer wrote:
>> Antic, the Cameroonian ICT Agency which is in charge of the 
>> management of the .cm now have a board of directors. But surprisingly 
>> all board's member are designated by the Cameroon's president, all 
>> are from ministries and no representatives of the civil society or 
>> any other local internet community's stakeholder.
> Isn't there a ISOC chapter in your country?  If so, does the chapter 
> for its opinion about the management of .cm?
> Regards,
> -sm

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