[AfrICANN-discuss] The always entertaining Ms Bekelelelelelele

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Sat Nov 17 08:27:52 SAST 2012

Well, I have read the archives, you personally have remained
consistent :-)-O

I was however advised by a few participants of this list that it is
in need of some of some expertise, which I am gladly willing to

Just for the record, would you be the Lerato that visited us in
Windhoek the other year on the workshop we organized for CoCCATools?


On 2012-11-17 02:07 , Lerato wrote:
> and we should believe your comments have merit?  as far as I am
> concerned since your sudden and strange recent appearance on this
> list, the whole forum have degenerated!
> --Lerato Ma

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