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Hi. Thank you for this communication. With all good intents, this needs time for beneficionaries to put together a credible proposal. 
My concern is the limited response time which to me is not possible to give new commers equal chance.
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     Application deadline for this grant program is April 5, 2012. 




Internet Infrastructure Grant program

Without vision, hard work and creativity, the Internet would not have evolved into the global resource we know and use today. More than 25 years ago the first-ever .com was registered and has since altered the course of history to put the world at our fingertips. The Internet has changed the very fabric of how we interact, inform, conduct business, donate, educate, communicate, connect,       and share stories with others across the country, continent, and all over the world.

The Verisign infrastructure grant program, launched during the 2010 “25 Years of .com” commemoration, reflects Verisign’s commitment to sponsoring research that supports the Internet’s robust growth and development. Verisign is expanding this program in 2012 to foster new research which advances security and stability, encourages Internet deployment, and improves the Internet infrastructure overall.

Award ApplicationPast Events2011 GrantsHistory
Verisign is pleased to declare that it will announce two $200,000 research awards on May 2012 to support research that has the potential to improve the availability and security of Internet access in all parts of the world. We are seeking proposals for research topics focused on an Internet that is available and secure in all countries, supporting a range of infrastructures, given the reality that people and organizations are relying to a growing extent on mobile devices of all kinds for their connectivity. The research funding is intended to support two graduate students or equivalent for one year, plus institutional overhead.

Applications will be accepted from teams composed of researchers from accredited academic institutions, industry research labs, non-profit organizations, for-profit corporations, and governmental agencies. Applications from teams representing institutions in multiple countries are encouraged. All research outputs will be required to be released to the public domain for free and unrestricted use.

Applications will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Relevance: The applicant(s) should             propose research that supports the stated goal of the program, with a specific focus on global accessibility             and/or infrastructural improvements that will benefit the developing world.
Innovation: The applicant(s) should propose research that is innovative, novel and important. Applications will be judged based on the innovative nature of their proposed research foci and goals.
Feasibility: The applicant(s) should             demonstrate that their proposed research plan is feasible and can be fully realized within the timeframe (May 2012 – fall 2013) allowed by the program.
Overall Quality: Judges are asked to provide their overall impressions of the grant proposals, encompassing all of the aforementioned criteria, as well as any other criteria deemed relevant based on their knowledge and experience in the field.

Applications will be due by April 5, 2012 and award decisions will be announced May 2012. The grants are intended to support research performed during the 2012-13 academic year. Awardees will present their results at a symposium in Washington, DC in fall 2013.

Key Dates:

January 17, 2012: Research Grant Submission Process Open
April 5, 2012: Research Grant Submissions Due
May 2012: Announce Research Awards
May 22, 2013: Research Due
Fall 2013: Research Presented at DC Symposium


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