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New gTLDs: Root Zone Scaling Report
  27 June 2012

*Report: Impact on Root Server Operations and Provisioning Due to New
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ICANN is publishing the report "Impact on Root Server Operations and
Provisioning due to New gTLDs." The report is a result of a request by ICANN's
Governmental Advisory Committee to provide "a complete report with full
analysis, including all underlying data of root zone scalability."

The report builds on past work but also includes additional areas of
analysis to support this report's conclusion that the root zone can be
grown in a stable manner. The new analyses include an additional, improved
statistical model for projecting root zone growth, and an analysis of the
impact of delaying root zone updates. These analyses and other important
supporting information are included in the appendices.

The report is the result of close collaboration among technical
ICANNBoard, community and staff members. There were multiple
iterations in order
to arrive at a version that is responsive to the GAC request. Even with
that, the report is published as a first version so that it can be amended
in response to governments' or others' questions and requests for

New reports are generally not published during ICANN meetings. This report,
recently forwarded to the GAC, is being posted in response to other
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