[AfrICANN-discuss] RE: The impact of the internet and e-Fundraising on Not-for-profits and NGOs

Eduardo Monge eduardo.monge at fod.ac.cr
Tue Jun 26 02:55:02 SAST 2012

Dear All,

This is a reminder about the session "The impact of the internet and e-Fundraising on Not-for-profits and NGOs"  organized by  the Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC) at  ICANN 44 Meeting in Prague,  Czech Republic  on June 26, 2012  (11:00-12:15 CEST  /  9:00-10:15 UTC)

Join us at the session, and disseminate with your networks, colleagues and friends who are attending the meeting.  NPOC  will also encourage remote participation during the session.

There will be interaction during the meeting via the Adobe connect room, participants in the room will be able to hear the audio stream directly and will also be able to interact via the chat option there.  See http://prague44.icann.org/node/31703    The audio recording will also be available shortly afterwards on the ICANN website.

NPOC's Session at ICANN 44 Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

When: Tuesday 26 June, 2012

Time: 11:00-12:15 CEST  (9:00-10:15 UTC)

Where: Prague Hilton - Tyrolka Room

 Title: "The impact of the internet and e-Fundraising on Not-for-profits and NGOs"

Overview: The amount of donations raised on line is still relatively small but is the fastest growing segment of philanthropy. Not-for-profits and Non-governmental Organizations must develop new mindsets, master new internet technologies and acquire new competencies and skills to tap these new sources of charitable giving safely. While traditional donors often make their decisions based on cause and administrative efficiency, a new breed of social investors are looking for outcomes, impact and returns.

A multi-disciplinary panel of experts and practitioners will scan the evolving e-Fundraising scene and share their experience on the subject. Confirmed speakers: Angie Graves, President, Worldwide Electronic Broadcasting Group, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, "User Interface and technology for on-line fundraising"; Kiran Malancharuvil, Associate Attorney, Silverberg, Goldman & Bikoff, LLP, Washington, DC, USA, "Legal, fiscal and regulatory environments for on-line fundraising";

Estimated Number of Attendees: 35

Who should attend? Heads of NFPs/NGOs, Officers and Directors in charge of Fundraising, Communications and Partnerships, CIOs and Heads of IT depts."


Eduardo Monge
NPOC Communication Committee Chair

Project Development and
International Relations Officer
Omar Dengo Foundation
San Jose, Costa Rica

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