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Dear colleagues,

Even if I'll not be physically in Prague, I fully support Mark proposition to take time for discussion.
I think that as we are representing our individuals govs in the GAC - ICANN, the same govs are taking part on ITU discussions and Work process, we can play a key role by highlighting views from various perspectives and puting a passerelle between concepts. 

I'd be happy to attend remotly to the discussions.

Kind regards
Comoros representative on the Governmental Advisory Committee of ICANN
Ingénieur Télécoms en Transmission, Réseaux et Commutation
Chef du Département Études et Projets,
Autorité Nationale de Régulation des TIC (ANRTIC) - Union des Comores, 

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Objet : Re: [GAC] Articles, Speeches, Blogs and Publications about ITU and the ITRs
Dear all,

I fully support Mark's proposal to take it further and set aside some  
time for a deeper discussion on this matter.

Best regards,

Ing. Nicolas G. Caballero
Asesor de Innovación Tecnológica
Gabinete Civil
Presidencia de la República del Paraguay
José Berges 229 c/ EE.UU, Asunción
Tel. 595-21-201033
Cel. 595-981-170664

"CARVELL, Mark" <Mark.Carvell at culture.gsi.gov.uk> escribió:

> Dear Heather and Alex
> I would like to express my appreciation to Alex too: very helpful  
> and informative.
> There is indeed widespread concern, anxiety and confusion amongst  
> Internet stakeholders, together with rumour and speculation rife  
> across the whole community as the various WCIT, WTPF, ITU  
> CWG-Internet and CSTD/ECOSOC high level discussions and negotiations  
> all intersect over the next 6-9 months. This was also a topic that  
> was raised at last week?s European regional IGF ?EuroDIG? in  
> Stockholm. The role, achievements and challenges facing ICANN  
> together with the effectiveness of the GAC in safeguarding the  
> global public policy interest in ICANN?s multi-stakeholder policy  
> development processes and decisions are quite often centre stage in  
> these discussions.
> So I suggest we take this further: I think it would be extremely  
> valuable if some time could be set aside for a discussion on the  
> ITU-ICANN relationship in Prague, if you both could agree to that ?  
> and if colleagues support my request of course. I know we have an  
> extremely demanding agenda in Prague but I think such a discussion ?  
> perhaps a one hour forum - would be very timely. I expect that this  
> dialogue would also help to inform the preparations for the  
> Ministerial high level meeting in Toronto when I hope some of the  
> critical strategic issues concerning ICANN will be discussed.
> With best regards
> Mark
> Mark Carvell
> United Kingdom Representative on the Governmental Advisory Committee of ICANN
> Global Internet Governance Policy
> Media Directorate: Information Economy
> Department for Culture, Media and Sport
> 2-4 Cockspur Street
> London SW1Y 5DH
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> Subject: Re: [GAC] Articles, Speeches, Blogs and Publications about  
> ITU and the ITRs
> Dear Alex,
> Thank you for providing this information to GAC Members.
> Best, Heather
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> Subject: [GAC] Articles, Speeches,Blogs and Publications about ITU  
> and the ITRs
> Dear All,
> I could send to you a much longer list of similar articles, blogs  
> and publications about alleged ITU plans to take control of the  
> Internet.  I could also send to you many which state the contrary.  
> But none of this will be of any use.
> The last meeting of the Council Working Group (CWG) for WCIT started  
> this morning 20 June and ends on 22 June.   Find attached the speech  
> of ITU Secretary-General,  Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré, delivered today at  
> the opening of this last CWG WCIT meeting.
> ITU has 193 Member States. The decision on the content of the  
> revised ITRs will be made by ITU Membership at the end of this year  
> (3-14 December) during the WCIT in Dubai.
> For those of you who represent your countries in ITU,  I would  
> encourage you to increase the involvement of the citizens of your  
> countries in your national consultations during this process.   I  
> would also hope that your positions and views regarding ITU and the  
> process to  review the ITRs are based on actual proposals and  
> discussions taking place in the appropriate ITU forums dealing with  
> this subject and not necessarily on blogs, publications, speeches  
> and media reports many of which do not accurately reflect the facts.
> Also, please find attached a WCIT background brief which I hope will  
> be helpful to have a basic understanding of what the ITRs are and  
> the roles of sovereign states in the process leading to the review  
> of this Treaty (the ITRs). Please feel free to share this brief and  
> the speech of ITU Secretary-General as you consider appropriate.
> For reliable and up-to-date information about ITU, the ITRs and  
> WCIT, please visit  www.itu.int/wcit<http://www.itu.int/wcit>
> Regards,
> Alexander NTOKO
> ITU Representative (Observer) to the GAC
> Chief, Operations and Planning Department
> Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB)
> International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
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