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Hi there Badru et al

I believe in One Africa and no Race to be worn or lost..what is there is competition for business through provision of a Service to communities.

I have no issue about legacy or being famous ....that is not what I believe in I m looking at Fairness and Truthfulness .... Please keep researching to find out Why we Africans behave this way - taking sides based on opinions works in Politucs only..not business.

There is no Wedge ...it is just a matter of fairness and truth when it comes to ICANN processes - no rumours.

Lets keep on moving positively by following policies and rules.



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Badru Ntege <badru.ntege at nftconsult.com> wrote:


Having been in Dubai during the meetings and discussions I think you simplify issues too much to satisfy your objective since the governments seem to have made a decision against DCA.  

Besides the Internet they were many issues under debate and individual countries were speaking and debating on pertinent issues that affected them.  I actually think the Openning up of ITU in inviting others in was helpfull and the outcome of the meeting was expected since suddenly they were other views and paradigms.  

But I'm still puzzled at how you expect an organisation managing an african tld would just go ahead and be given the right to run a continental resource without some kind of approval from the  african governments whichever channel was used AU or just individual governments.  I wonder what your comments would have been if the early warning had said the 9 countries objected and 7 supported DCA. Would you still be supporting your line or would you have a different view.

A race always has one eventual winner or a tie.  And we go into the race knowing that. I'm not saying the race has been won yet I'm just saying that right now based on the public information one party is not doing well.  However I see no reason to start saying that the rules are wrong yet both parties did go to the AU to seek support and to my knowledge it was DCA which first claimed AU support. 

You keep on saying how people are misleading on the list but I think we are having some   selective amnesia here.  

I think ITU highlighted a number of future challenges that need to be approached in a very objective manner for us as the african region.  The concerns of different administrations were a result of clearly not understanding the current dynamics of the Internet Eco system. It was also clear that most of the representatives came with fixed positions based on other inter related challenges they face.  So let's note over simplify Dubai.  As a community they are a number of challenges we need to address.

But to actually get the outcome for the community we need to stop taking positions for the sake of taking positions.  With all due respect you are seriously clutching at straws here and dragging us into damaging debates.  To any observer DCA has made a number of miss calculations if I might call it that and this is a fact of life.  Let's not try to drive a wedge in the community, let's accept they were some strategic errors which might end up costing 185k. And look at way of mitigating the loss

But  now in my book you are driving for a loose loose scenario. If DCA is damaged you want to damage the entire system at all costs.  As a respected member of the community I honestly think this builds a bad legacy for you.  Let's allow this issue to rest in peace, learn from the mistakes and move on.  It is still not too late to unite under one bid and contribute positively to the community.


Badru Ntege
NFT Consult Ltd 

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” 
― Thomas A. Edison

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Well done to Fadi et al for this.

One important task is to ensure that ICANN processes are not influenced  by politics be regional or national at any level.

The most immediate challenge is that, in Africa Region, there seem to exist a very thin line or porous barrier between Business and Politics when it comes to the Internet. This is based on the scramble for .africa gTLD.  The question is still, "why was the AUC brought in while GAC is the link between Govts and ICANN?". In addition, it is important to ensure that representations at ICANN Constituents and Board is free from regional or local politics. It calls for a vetting process which may be difficult - the best option would be to ask the society  to do that by RFComments.

That is my small contribution while rejoicing the neutrality of ICANN which was reinforced at the just ended meeting.

Kind regards.

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WCIT…In Conclusion

by Fadi Chehadé on December 14, 2012

Friends and colleagues,

Today marks the end of the lengthy WCIT conference in Dubai. I am sure you along with most of our community have been watching events carefully.

As you know, Steve Crocker and I were invited to attend the opening ceremony two weeks ago, and I was invited to speak. I used this opportunity to engage with the many delegations in Dubai in support of our remarkable multistakeholder model. I was pleased that we received public assurances from ITU Secretary General Dr. Hamadoun Touré that neither Internet resources nor ICANN would be the subject of the WCIT treaty. During the past fortnight there has been much debate on many issues – much discussion, argument and many long nights. In the end, however, we are pleased the final text of the International Telecommunications Regulations does NOT include reference to the Internet nor to ICANN’s work.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the ICANN team on the ground in Dubai and in LA for their tremendous dedication. I also would like to thank those Community members present in Dubai for their support and collaboration and, of course, our colleagues from the Internet Society, the Regional Internet Registries and other ICANN stakeholder groups.

I would echo the sentiments of many who would have wished that countries had been able to reach a consensus around supporting the multistakeholder model. However, the debate has been strong and we have seen some real progress which I hope will stand us in good stead as we move forward.

During today’s closing ceremony, Dr Toure recognized ICANN saying, “I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead and all that can be achieved by ITU and ICANN together in a positive spirit of collaboration. So let me repeat once more, the ITU has no wish or desire to play a role in physical Internet resources such as domain names. And the work of ICANN and ITU can be and should be fully complementary.”

We remain grateful to Secretary General Touré and to the Chairman of the WCIT-12, Mohamed Al Ghanim, for the opportunity for us to engage as we did in Dubai.

We also remain committed to work with all stakeholders, each in their respective, distinct roles, including governments, IGOs and the ITU, with the private sector and civil society as well, all for a better future for the world.





Glen de Saint Géry

GNSO Secretariat

gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org



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