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Sun Dec 9 18:46:44 SAST 2012

I ve decided not to continue with this Debate and focus on way forward. Nothing like resigning comes to my thinking and will not sit on the fence either.
I ll continue with with objectivity as I see it since there is no democracy in that. 
I wish to spend my energy with wisdom not by being pulled in or pushed forward.
That is my own opinion and should not be associated with anything else going on.

Thank you kindly


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Dr Eberhard W Lisse <el at lisse.na> wrote:

It's not about who offended whom, it about Ms Bekele using a
false on line identity which may be a crime and then lying
about it.

Since she has submitted a bid for .AFRICA through DCA
(www.dotconnectafrica.org) he conduct is substantial
misbehavuiour in terms of RFC159 and she has to be masured
by it.

And, of course, by Google, so please boys and girls, keep
making the Subject line "Sophiagate" and put the keywords in
all the time...

...like I have been doing


On 2012-12-07 17:26 , Badru Ntege wrote:
> Yassin
> The rest of the list might be wrong in your eyes.  However
> please please accept that the list has also been wronged
> and hood winked for quite some time.  The more you labour
> on on issue which the perpetrator has confessed to you are
> very quickly reducing our efforts to forgive and move on.
> As someone has pointed out earlier we have the general
> community and about 4 members on this list.  when i look
> at the posting it was 4 email addresses (kind of not sure
> how many individuals ) discussing the issue on behalf of
> DCA and the rest of the community either taking a neutral
> position or taking the other side.
> I once again repeat it is time to call it a day and join
> the masses and see how we build our future .africa on the
> continent with our community and governments.
> Our trust and credibility in DCA has been badly dented and
> you need to rebuild that.  All other listers might not be
> perfect myself included but at least our integrity and
> intent when it comes to list etiquette is clear.  Agree at
> times the language seems to be harsh but not all have the
> patience needed to handle the unique situation we have
> here.
> I think you and Gideon should accept this position and
> join the apology on behalf of your organizational leader.
> In other corporate governance scenarios this would call
> for the executive director to resign the position but if i
> suggested that one could say I'm on a which hunt so I'm
> not suggesting here just saying that other credible
> organizations do just that.
> Regards

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