[AfrICANN-discuss] Towards mailing list version 2.0

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It is true that the elderly behave sometime just like children or babies ... You are a living proof. I advise you again to retire before it is too late.

Allows us to move ...

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>Ah, all the novices are doing it.
>So, go ahead, set something up.
>And sign your emails with PGP, or did you loose your key?
>On 2012-12-06 09:21 , Pierre Lotis NANKEP wrote:
>> Doctooor,
>> I notice that you did not understand much to my message.
>> All the trimmings that you told, everyone including novices can do
>> it.
>> What I said has nothing to do with your usual intrigues. I referred
>> to a all-in-one mailing list solution that incorporates in its
>> design : the photo registration and taking into account digital
>> signature...
>> In other term, to improved our current version of the Mailman
>> solution, not the classic version that is currently used to
>> implement this mailing list.
>> Spare us with your expertise in intrigues.
>> -- Pierre Lotis NANKEP
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