[AfrICANN-discuss] Remove the Intruder from the email list

Nigel Roberts nigel at channelisles.net
Wed Dec 5 21:04:41 SAST 2012

> I am not in favor of removing anyone from the list, but I am in favor of
> a greater degree of civility.

I agree with both points Mc Tim makes.

NEITHER the often outspoken but only occasionally obstreperous Dr Lisse

NOR the eternally entertaining but eventually ennuifying Ms Bekele

should be ejected from the list.

That would be censorship.

And indeed I am grateful for the civility on this list that allows me, 
as a principal from a external registry service provider, to engage with 
the development of the internet in Africa.

But a greater degree of civility, courtesy and politeness can never ever 
be a bad thing. And that civility and politeness really should start by 
those responsbile doing the other list members the common courtesy of 
refraining from damaging the reputation of this forum by what can only 
be regarded as sybil attacks



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