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OK.  How about this as something original. You can find the link to the
Slashdot article below.

*"One of the concerns is that decisions taken there may make the Internet
less a medium that can be used to enhance personal freedom than a tool for
state surveillance and oppression. The new Y.2770
standard<http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/workprog/wp_item.aspx?isn=7082> is
entitled 'Requirements for deep packet inspection in Next Generation
Networks', and seeks to define an international standard for deep packet
inspection (DPI). As the Center for Democracy & Technology points out, it
is thoroughgoing in its desire to specify technologies that can be used to
spy on people<https://www.cdt.org/blogs/cdt/2811adoption-traffic-sniffing-standard-fans-wcit-flames>.
One of the big issues surrounding
WCIT<http://www.itu.int/en/wcit-12/Pages/default.aspx> and
the ITU has been the lack of transparency — or even understanding what real
transparency might be. So it will comes as no surprise that the new DPI
standard was negotiated behind closed
with no drafts being made available."*

ITU Approves Deep Packet

Perhaps we get an ITU response from the representative?


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> I just asked him to post something original. he confirmed he'd not do it.
> Don't worry about my time, I am self employed, and don't surf the Internet
> on goverment time. Unlike you...
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> It is fine to have you stop with your endless intrigues.
> What do you mean by ORIGINAL?
> Do you think that people on this list are there to dance at your own pace?
> Stop making people turn round.
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