[AfrICANN-discuss] .africa the saga continues

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Sat Dec 1 16:54:35 SAST 2012

This means you didn't get paid by the company and held its domain
name as ransom to make them pay you before you would renew it.

Uniform make you pay nothing. They don't sue you if you don't pay,
they don't report you even to the bad credit data base. They just
don't renew.

It's not even your domain name it belongs to someone else.

Due Process?  "Due process is the legal requirement that the STATE
must respect all of the legal rights that are owed to a PERSON."
(Wikipedia, upper case by me).  You are not even entitled to Natural
Justice, you fall at the most under Contractual Law.

So go and sue them for you not paying and they not renewing.

If you hadn't outsourced everything but the writing of the bid
(which would have been much better, come to think of it now) you
would understand that the concept of a Register requires automation
and automation and manual attention are mutually exclusive,
especially in a large Register.

I am impressed also by your financial prowess, 5 Euro being a
problem.  And, you obviously read their policy as well as the


On 2012-12-01 14:08 , Lerato wrote:
>         The Uniforum bid is indigenous, with their own software,
>         which is tried and tested, run on their own
>         infrastructure, which as tried and tested and thus has a
>         cost advantage...
> http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/224513-.co.za-Uniforum-down
>     Well I try and convince my clients to rather take a .com and a
>     .net
>     Uniforum is so full of #Fail they are like a bad 4chan joke.
>     I am just annoyed that I can't do whois checks at the moment.
>     I stopped pushing .co.za domains when a client decided not to
>     pay us, and Uniforum took the clients domain from us and gave
>     it to the client.  So that client can now get another IT
>     company to do the work and then refuse to pay, and Uniforum
>     will just move the domain AGAIN so that one by one Uniforum
>     can cause companies to lose money.
>     In the mean time Uniforum still makes us pay R50 for a domain,
>     even if the client doesn't pay us.  Forget the chance that a
>     project may require more than 30 days to complete resulting in
>     not all monies being collected before Uniforum deletes the
>     domain (as they tell us we mustn't pay the R50 until the
>     project is complete and the client has paid in full...)
>     Uniforum takes action with out due process.  They make a
>     decision with out consultation and G_d help you if you try and
>     take the matter up with ZADNA. They have no requirement to
>     protect the businesses that make use of the .za namespace.
>     Everything in .za oozes fail, so now I only push .com, .info,
>     .org and .net.
>     Unproudly South African!
>     I rest my case, and it is not the entertaining Ms Bekelelelele
>     that accused here Doc;)
>      ---Lerato Ma

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