[AfrICANN-discuss] .africa the saga continues

Badru Ntege badru.ntege at nftconsult.com
Sat Dec 1 08:24:49 SAST 2012

Logic tells me we subscribed to the rules of the game and applied.  Early scores could be translated that one side could have played the wrong team.  However unless we can read tea leaves we have no idea what ICANN will decide.  

On the other side we all have our gutt feeling and many believe they could have backed the right team.  I see no reason for us to now start accusing those who practiced their choice to object or not to as I'll informed.  

At the end of the day one winner will emerge and that winner will be working for the entire continent I find it hard for a potential winner to think 18 governments that they plan to be working with are so clueless that they could be hoodwinked into writing a document they did not want to.  This even gets more hard to understand when the supposed host government also writes to object.  

It is time for humility Let's agree that one team will win this bid and see how we can collectively contribute.  

If I were DCA I would humbly withdraw from this race and join hands with the rest of the continent to see how we can make the most of the .africa resource.  

Times have changed, there is so much to benefit and equally so much to loose.  

Let's end this now.  

I would like to hear more on this list 

Badru Ntege

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