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Hi All,



*DCA’s Response to Mr. Neil Dundas of UniForum ZA Central Registry*


Dear Mr. Neil Dundas plus other interested interlocutors gathered in this

There is no argument regarding whether .Africa (DotAfrica) is a geographic
name gTLD or not. Everyone knows that a gTLD application for the ‘Africa’
geographic name will be treated by the ICANN Evaluation as a geographic
gTLD application. The new gTLD guidebook requirements and stipulations are
quite clear regarding how geographic TLDs will be evaluated, and DCA Trust
therefore expects its application for the ‘Africa’ geographic name string
to be evaluated accordingly.  The issue of ‘.Africa’, ‘DotAfrica’, or
‘DotdotAfrica’, is *actually immaterial because the matter was immediately
brought to the attention of ICANN in June*, and we expect that the string
name issue will be sorted out very soon based on ICANN’s acknowledgement
and confirmation of the report made by DCA Trust.

However, Mr. Neil Dundas has spent a lot of time trying to explain that
.Africa is by definition, only a geographic TLD. *Neil Dundas has
deliberately tried to avoid providing the pertinent clarification that was
required of him to explain why his organization, having received support to
apply on behalf of the African Community, failed to submit a Community TLD
application based on its answers to ICANN Evaluation Question Numbers 19
and 20.*   DCA Trust has already articulated the issues clearly enough in
its initial posting, and there is no need to restate the facts of the
matter for anyone’s benefit. One early contributor had also asked UniForum
to clarify for the interest of the community, but this request was
intentionally ignored.

We believe that it is also important for everyone to know that a Geographic
name string could also be a Community name string. In other words, the same
TLD can be considered both ‘Geographic’ and ‘Community’ at the same time. *For
instance, t**here were a total of eleven (11) Geographic Names that were
applied for as Community-based strings in this current round*. (See for
example, http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/statistics) We believe
this is what the African Union Commission and its Task Force advisers
probably had in mind when they unambiguously stated *inter alia* in their
RFP document (to select a registry operator for DotAfrica): “the winning
bidder should bear in mind that *“this is a geographical TLD which should
be run on behalf of the community”*, and *“Collaborate with the Internet
community on the project”* and *“Lead the effort to create an active domain
name community in Africa*” .

Moreover, the Community TLD designs on DotAfrica have always been evident.
For example, Nii Quaynor, a self-appointed African Internet Community
leader who is active in this forum, and one of the most unrepentant
arch-opponents of DCA and the chief architect of the ‘AU leadership and
ownership of DotAfrica’ paradigm had written in a public email: “*I think
its more responsible for the regional organization (AUC) to hold the string
in public trust and have policy oversight, especially so with these likes
of practices of DCA. This has been what the African community has helped to

Thus, from both the AU RFP document and the above statement that has been
attributed to Nii Quaynor, who was also a member of the AU Task Force on
DotAfrica, we can tell that *the African Community has been led to believe
that it can exercise both ownership and leadership of DotAfrica as a
community-owned gTLD string*, and that the appointed registry operator can
run the geographic TLD on behalf of the community.  Therefore Neil Dundas’
attempt to insist that DotAfrica is only a geographic TLD is clearly
inconsistent with the AU’s position and the position that was earlier
advanced (either rightly or wrongly) by Dr. Nii Quaynor regarding what he
believes the African Community has helped to achieve.

It is obvious that UniForum is the *principal beneficiary as a recipient of
a Community TLD endorsement for a geographic name string that it was
supposed to apply for on behalf of the African Community, *but now insists
that .Africa is a geographic TLD only and not a Community TLD. If it is not
a Community TLD why did the AU and Dr. Nii Quaynor adopt their positions
regarding Community leadership and ownership of DotAfrica? If DotAfrica is
not a Community TLD, why the overt Community interest in owning it; or the
Community clearly insisting that the geographic TLD must be “*run on behalf
of the community”*, apparently for its sole benefit?

Neil Duncan Dundas, who now speaks for UniForum (as the principal applicant
contact) and ‘Africa In One Space’ *cannot claim to be ignorant of the
above antecedents*. For reasons best known to you, you have clearly elected
to characterize your application as not for any Community, the African
Community included, even though you continue to insist on having the
support of the African Community for this non-Community TLD application
that you have presently submitted. Leaving aside for a minute, the manifest
incongruity of UniForum’s application “not being designated as a Community
TLD application, but having Community support because the resulting TLD
must be run on behalf of the Community”, there are two possible conclusions
that could be immediately drawn:

(1) either the Community is wrong for thinking that it can legally own a
geographic TLD because the selected registry operator has been asked to run
it on behalf of the Community; or,

(2) UniForum, by not submitting a Community TLD application on behalf of
the Community as it was supposed to (or as was expected of it), has
attempted to cheat the Community by committing an outright fraud. Whatever
conclusion is drawn, the purported endorsement of UniForum as the selected
applicant on behalf of the African Community can no longer remain valid
after the fact. If the Community is wrong by getting the AU to select a
registry operator for a geographic TLD that must be “*run on behalf of the
community”* the purported endorsement cannot remain legitimate, and in
similar manner, if UniForum has been fraudulent, this should legally
invalidate the purported endorsement that it received.

The truth of the matter as we know it is that UniForum received a letter of
appointment (either equivalent to, or substituting for an endorsement) from
the AU Commission to apply for a geographic TLD on behalf of the African
Community. The AU Communiqué on DotAfrica that was published around
the 29thof March 2012 is very unambiguous to the extent that it
mentions: *“the AU Commission selected UniForum SA (the ZA Central Registry
Operator or ZACR), to administer and operate dotAfrica gTLD on behalf of
the African community.”* The same Communiqué also indicated that: *“Shortly
after its appointment, the ZACR, in consultation with Internet Community
representatives from all over Africa, at a meeting held in Johannesburg,
established a Steering Committee to exercise moral and ethical oversight
over the dotAfrica project. Representatives of the broader African Internet
community are currently participating in the project through the Steering
Committee and which comprises African Internet experts, Country Code
managers, Registrars and others volunteering for a better Internet for

No one is fooled: *The AU Commission appointed UniForum to apply on behalf
of the African Community*, and as soon as it received the appointment,
UniForum had consulted with the Internet Community regarding their
involvement and participation, so this has community written all over it, *even
though the only thing now missing is an actual Community TLD application
which UniForum did not submit to ICANN on behalf of the African Community. *

* *

Like they say, if it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck and behaves like
a duck, chances are that it is a duck. Simply trying to explain it away as
not a duck, but a water-bird will not suffice.

Now, the crux of the matter is that UniForum has not submitted any
application on behalf of the African Community, *but keeps insisting that
it has community support even though such support has been clearly
nullified by its failure to submit a DotAfrica application on behalf of the
African Community.*  This is why *we insist that UniForum’s application is
absolutely fraudulent, *and if the people in this forum, because of their
partisan leanings fail to see it for what it truly is, perhaps, the ICANN
Evaluation will, or perhaps a competent court somewhere will be able to
make the juridical determination that UniForum’s endorsement is no longer
legitimate following their failure to submit a DotAfrica (DotAfrica)
application on behalf of the African Community. It is quite evident that
UniForum has reneged on the understanding that it was selected to apply on
behalf of the African Community and did not make a Community TLD
application as was expected of it, and this needs no further elaboration.  *We
are quite confident that the necessary legal proofs can be established in
due course, but not in this forum since most people here are deliberately
refusing to admit the truth to themselves.*


Finally, DCA hereby insists that Africa In One Space as a community-defined
group whose interest relates to the ownership of DotAfrica* is not a
legally registered organization. *We would like to see proof of its
establishment, such as registration papers and other credentials. The
registration documents of UniForum as a legal/corporate entity operating in
South Africa cannot serve nor substitute as the registration documents for
Africa In One Space. As Africans, we must try to ensure that whatever we do
should satisfy any form of legal scrutiny.


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> Hi All,
> Please see comments and responses below. I trust this provides some
> clarity on the matter.
> On 26 Aug 2012, at 9:41 AM, Kivuva <Kivuva at transworldafrica.com> wrote:
> > Can someone give us clarifications on the following:
> >
> > 1. Is .africa and .dotafrica in competition? Are DCA and
> > AfricaInOneSpace competing to manage the same resource?
> AfricaInOneSpace (UniForum SA) has applied for the .africa gTLD.
> DotConnectAfrica (DCA) wanted to apply for the .africa gTLD but they made
> error on their application and instead applied for .dotafrica. This fact
> can be verified on the ICANN site by following these links:
> .africa :
> http://gtldresult.icann.org/application-result/applicationstatus/applicationdetails/1184
> .dotafrica :
> http://gtldresult.icann.org/application-result/applicationstatus/applicationdetails/1276
> > 2. Is there a difference between a geoTLD and a communityTLD? Where do
> > .africa and .dotafrica fall?
> Yes there is a difference, especially in terms of how they have been
> regulated in the Applicant's Guidebook. In a nutshell, you CANNOT get away
> from the fact that .Africa is a geographic TLD.
> A more detailed analysis:
> Paragraph (section 2-16) of the Applicants’ Guidebook prescribes
> that certain applied-for-strings may qualify as “Geographic Names” and must
> therefore be accompanied by documentation of support or non-objection from
> the relevant governments or public authorities. In particular, the
> guidebook requires at least 60% of the relevant national governments in a
> region to provide documentation in support of new applications for
> geographic strings and there must be no more than one written statement of
> objection.
> Africa is a clearly designated geographic region as defined in the UNESCO
> “Composition of macro geographical (continental) regions, geographical
> sub-regions, and selected economic and other groupings” list. In this
> regard the designation of the official AUC endorsed dotAfrica (.Africa) TLD
> string application, submitted by UniForum SA, as a geographic name is
> therefore technically and procedurally correct. UniForum SA is confident
> that the "geographic evaluation process" that its application is subject to
> provides sufficient checks and balances for the protection of interests and
> rights of African governments and the pan-African community.
> The issue as to whether DCA’s application for the .dotAfrica string
> (1-1165-42560) will constitute a geographic name as outlined in the
> Applicant’s Guidebook is uncertain, notwithstanding the fact that DCA
> itself has designated the application as a “geographic name”. According the
> Applicant’s Guidebook (section 2-17) “Strings that include but do not match
> a Geographic Name will not be considered geographic names as defined in
> section and therefore will not require documentation of
> government support in the evaluation process.”
> UniForum contends that DCA’s .dotAfrica string application, although not a
> direct match to the AFRICA geographic name, is so confusingly similar that
> it must be regarded as a geographic name for purposes of evaluation. It
> must consequently be subjected to the criteria and rules applicable to the
> evaluation of geographic names, including government support.  In
> particular we contend that the addition of the “dot” in DCA’s .dotAfrica
> application does not sufficiently differentiate it from UniForum SA’s
> dotAfrica (.Africa) geographic string application and will therefore
> confuse the public.
> [BTW: The above has been posted as a public comment against the DCA
> application]
> > 3. Must AfricaInOneSpace be a registered organisation? Are there any
> > consequences if it is not registered?
> UniForum SA (AfricaInOneSpace) is a non-profit organization incorporated
> in South Africa since 1988. It has been administering the CO.ZA domain
> name space since 1995. It has a long and well established track record as a
> technical registry provider.
> > 4. Should the AU endorse one side between .africa and .dotafrica? And
> > if it has endorsed one party, what are the grounds for it to recant
> > that endorsement?
> .Africa is a geographic name and therefore requires government support in
> terms of the Guidebook. African Heads of State have mandated the AUC to
> setup the structures and modalities to facilitate the application and
> administration of the .Africa gTLD, which the AUC has done through and open
> and transparent Expression of Interest (EOI) process and which has resulted
> in the endorsement of UniForum SA. Refer top the following links for
> further details:
> - Clarification by AUC on .Africa gTLD:
> http://www.au.int/en/content/africa-union-commission-clarification-dot-africa
> - Endorsement of UniForum SA:
> http://africainonespace.org/downloads/AUC_ZACRLetterofAppointment.pdf
> >
> > Regards
> > Mwendwa Kivuva
> >
> > On 25/08/2012, Pierre Lotis NANKEP <lnankep at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >> For the interest of the whole community, it would be desirable that
> >> Uniforum  gives us some comments into the DCA article below :
> >>
> >>
> >> --
> >> Pierre Lotis NANKEP
> >> IT Engineer / ANTIC
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> >> Email (Pro) : pierre.nankep at antic.cm
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> >> 25 Aug 2012
> >>
> >> DCA's Commentary on ITWebAfrica Story
> >> The 185,000 Misunderstanding on .africa
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> To:       The Editor-in-Chief,  ITWebAfrica
> >>   We thank you for your recent article  (Re: 'The $185,000 dotafrica
> >> internet domain name 'misunderstanding'?' located at
> >>
> http://www.itwebafrica.com/internet/334-africa/229830-the-185000-dotafrica-internet-domain-name-misunderstanding
> ).
> >>   Even though your published story written by Mr. Gareth Van Zyl is
> >> quite balanced, we wish to use this opportunity to provide some relevant
> >> comments that would help to further elucidate this issue for the
> interest of
> >> your readers and the global Internet and African publics.
> >>
> >> We believe that it is also pertinent to respond to the comments made by
> Mr.
> >> Neil Duncan Dundas of UniForum SA trading as ZA Central Registry, who
> also
> >> happens to be a director of DNS (Pty) Ltd., African Registry Consortium
> >> (ARC) and is now the public face, fronting the .Africa new gTLD
> application
> >> that was submitted on behalf of the unregistered AfricaInOneSpace.
> >> Not A Community TLD Application
> >>
> >> One very important issue that needs to be immediately clarified is that
> the
> >> .Africa new gTLD application submitted by UniForum ZA Central Registry
> >> (Application ID: 1-1243-89583) is not a Community TLD application.  The
> >> attempt that is being made to position or characterize the application
> as
> >> the official African Community application that is sanctioned by the
> African
> >> Union Commission and about '40' African countriesis a veryegregious and
> >> fraudulent misrepresentation.
> >> LetDCA Trust be on one side as Ali Babaand let UniForum ZA Central
> Registry
> >> and its so-called partners represent the forty (40) thieves, and the
> outcome
> >> of this saga can be easily predicted.
> >>
> >> One only needs to see the published parts of UniForum's application and
> >> their answers to Question numbers 19 and 20 to verify that UniForum
> >> deliberately failed to acknowledge any Community in their official
> answers
> >> to ICANN.   The global Internet public should know this:
> >>
> >>   Question No. 19 an  unequivocal  "NO"
> >>  In their answer to Question No. 19 ("Is the application for a Community
> >> based TLD?"), they unequivocally stated "No".
> >>  Mission & Purpose of Proposed TLD
> >> In describing the Mission and Purpose of their proposed gTLD (Question
> No.
> >> 18), UniForum have noted inter alia: "The ZACR and its partners in
> Africa,
> >> representing governments, ccTLD administrators, the technical and user
> >> communities, share a collective vision of establishing and running a
> >> successful, African-based registry operation for the benefit and pride
> of
> >> Africa. "
> >>  How could such a bold statement indicating a diverse community
> partnership
> >> be truly reconciled with their blank answer to Question 20(a)?
> >>
> >> Answers to Q 20 (a) to (f) - Blank
> >>  (a) Provide the name and full description of the community that the
> >> applicant is committing serve; UniForum intentionally left it blank,
> thus
> >> indicating that they have not actually named any  community that they
> claim
> >> to be committing to serve in their new gTLD application for .Africa.
> >>
> >> Interestingly, UniForum also left their answers to the following
> important
> >> Community TLD-related questions blank:
> >>
> >> The question  No. 20 (b) - (e) which immediately follows:
> >>
> >> (b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in
> >> 20(a).
> >> (c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the
> applied-for
> >> gTLD.
> >> (d) Explain the relationship between the applied for gTLD string and the
> >> community identified in 20(a).
> >> (e) Provide a complete description of the applicant's intended
> registration
> >> policies in support of the community-based purpose of the applied-for
> gTLD.
> >> Policies and enforcement mechanisms are expected to constitute a
> coherent
> >> set.
> >> (f) Attach any written endorsements for the application from established
> >> institutions representative of the community identified in 20(a). An
> >> applicant may submit written endorsements by multiple institutions, if
> >> relevant to the community.
> >> DCA Trust strongly believes that the application submitted by UniForum
> is an
> >> outright misrepresentation and fraud.   According to the published
> parts of
> >> their application, all the pertinent questions relating to a Community
> >> have been answered with a blank (Nos. 19, 20 (a) - (e); meanwhile, they
> keep
> >> waving a purported Letter of Appointment from the AU Commission whilst
> >> trying to identify their application as belonging to the African
> Community
> >> based on their relationship with African Internet Community
> Organizations.
> >>
> >> ICANN Evaluation cannot be Fooled
> >>
> >> UniForum cannot fool the ICANN Evaluation with this very silly and
> dishonest
> >> gimmick. If they have actually submitted an application on behalf of the
> >> African Community according to their putative, or rather specious,
> letter of
> >> support from the African Union Commission, then they should have been
> >> confident enough to truthfully answer question Nos. 19, 20 (a) - 20
> (e), and
> >> reconciled same to their stated Mission & Purpose.  Therefore, their
> claim
> >> that they have the support of African country governments cannot be
> >> substantiated, since the African Governments have been misled to provide
> >> support for an African Community TLD application, but none was actually
> >> submitted to ICANN based on the answers provided to question numbers 19
> and
> >> 20 by UniForum in their .Africa new gTLD application.
> >>
> >> Letters of Support from 40 African Countries
> >>
> >> Moreover, if the boastful claims of letters of support from "over forty
> (40)
> >> African countries" are actually coming from the country code Top-Level
> >> Domains (ccTLD), since the AfTLD (African Top-Level Domain) has lent its
> >> name and support to the UniForum new gTLD application for .Africa, DCA
> Trust
> >> will also challenge the involvement of AfTLD and whatever role that
> they are
> >> playing in assisting UniForum to garner questionable letters of support
> from
> >> African ccTLDs.  DCA believes that the role of the ccTLDs should be
> strictly
> >> limited to managing and administering the country code TLD, and should
> have
> >> no involvement whatsoever in the management and administration of a
> >> continental Top-Level Domain such as .Africa. .   If the Internet
> Governance
> >> Model does not allow the ccTLDs to own a Continental gTLD, we do not
> believe
> >> that the same African ccTLDs should be involved in any cooperative
> framework
> >> with UniForum SA to apply for, and own the new .Africa gTLD.
> >>  The Individual African ccTLDs cannot participate at the country-code
> level
> >> and also at the continental level.
> >>
> >>   Looming Threat of African Countries
> >> Objecting DCA Application    Accordingly,  the threat implied by Neil
> Duncan
> >> Dundas that some African countries have stated their intention
> (communicated
> >> through ZACR) to object to the DCA application for .Africa is unfounded
> and
> >> lacks merit,   since such an Objection will be treated as   frivolous.
> >>
> >> The African countries can only participate in a Community Objection
> >> procedure against DCA, but i  n a situation where no African Community
> >> application was actually submitted for the .Africa gTLD by UniForum,
> how do
> >> they intend to validate such an Objection?        DCA believes that
> this is
> >> just an empty threat, and Mr. Neil Dundas and his cohorts should now be
> >> held to account by the African country governments and the African Union
> >> Commission to explain the egregious fraud that UniForum has perpetrated
> by
> >> misrepresenting their application; to wit, obtaining specious support
> for an
> >> African Community TLD application from the AUC, but failing to indicate
> a
> >> relationship with any community in the official answers contained in
> their
> >> .Africa new gTLD application submitted to ICANN.
> >>
> >> African governments should NOT have a case against DCA-
> >> Instead they should withdraw support from UNIFORUM
> >>
> >> Once the African governments discover that they really have no case
> against
> >> DCA Trust, they will start withdrawing their support from UniForum.  DCA
> >> therefore stands ready to defend itself against any form of Objection.
> Mr.
> >> Neil Dundas should save his personal integrity and reputation and that
> of
> >> the organization that he represents by explaining to the global Internet
> >> Community and African Governments that have supported UniForum's .Africa
> >> gTLD  application, why he deliberately failed to submit a DotAfrica
> >> (.Africa) new gTLD application on behalf of the African Community.
>  After
> >> all, if African country governments have provided any form of support
> for an
> >> African Community TLD application, they should also make sure that one
> was
> >> actually submitted to ICANN.
> >>
> >> The same way Ali Baba managed to expose and defeat the dishonesty of the
> >> forty (40) thieves is the same way DCA Trust will expose and defeat
> >> UniForum's dishonesty over the matter of DotAfrica, after which there
> will
> >> be no misunderstanding anymore over the DotAfrica Internet domain name.
> >> We thank you for your attention.
> >>
> >> Yours sincerely,
> >> DCA Public Communications Team
> >> Nairobi, Kenya
> >>
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> >> . BizCommunity covers DCA's"yes2dotafrica" campaign: "Dot Africa
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> >> brand continent"more...
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> >> . Radio Netherlands Worldwide: A Dotafrica Generation soon to be
> >> born:more...
> >>
> >> . Sophia Bekele DCA founder and former ICANN gNSO policy advisor was
> noted
> >> byThe Economist, Sept 15, 2010, as "leading the dotafrica initiative":
>  Can
> >> "Africa" get a make-over? more...
> >>
> >> . Brains behind .africa,Diplomat East Africa more...
> >>
> >> . DCA is endorsed by African Union (AU), the Economic Commission for
> >> Africa(ECA), and the Internationalized Domain Resolution Union (IDRU)
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