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Congratulations to both Nii and Tarek

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http://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-10aug12-en.htm A New Approach to Africa 

10 August 2012 

With the support of AFRINIC, Africa's Regional Registry for Internet Number Resources, ICANN and leading members of its community are today announcing an initiative aimed at increasing African participation and influence within ICANN. 

This initiative is the result of a June meeting involving Steve Crocker, Chairman of ICANN's Board of Directors, ICANN's CEO-Designate Fadi Chehadé and its Interim CEO Akram Atallah with African community members at ICANN's 44th Public Meeting, in Prague, Czech Republic. 

The goal is to develop a framework for ICANN's Africa strategy and to announce an initial plan at the October 2012 Public Meeting in Toronto, Canada. The strategy will aim both to support a stronger presence for ICANN in Africa and to increase African participation in ICANN. It will also foster the promotion of the multi-stakeholder model in Africa at the government, civil society and private sector levels. 

This effort is a step toward stronger global engagement for ICANN, with a special focus on developing countries. 

To contribute to the development of the new strategy, a working group was created and endorsed by the African community members meeting in Prague, including key players in Internet governance from different regions in Africa. The working group has selected Nii Quaynor of Ghana, a well-respected Internet leader in Africa, to lead its efforts. 

ICANN has appointed Tarek Kamel of Egypt to serve as a Senior Advisor to its President and CEO on global issues, and to work with the group to develop the initial strategic plan that will be announced in Toronto. The working group unanimously endorsed this choice. Tarek is well known for his long record of achievements in promoting the Internet and its multi-stakeholder model in developing countries. 

For further information or to submit ideas, please contact ICANN-ASWG at Afrinic.net . 

Journalists should contact Brad White, ICANN's Director of Global Media Affairs, at brad.white at icann.org . 

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