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Brian and All


I think we need to move away from subjectivity in these discussions to a scientific and factual debate.  Leadership either in business,community or family is based on what the late Dr Stephen Covey called the 4cores of credibility.  


These are  

1) integrity

2) intent

3) capabilities

4) results


These are not finite and the level at which we achieve and balance these will give us the credibility to lead and serve the african community.  Those of us working to lead our community need to explore this about us before we cast negative allegations on others.  


I want to see a unified african community and would really ask those entities to consider their personal or organisational score against the above 4 cores in relation to the Af-star entities named in the letter against their own.  If you start with results I think we need say nothing at what has been achieved.  If you look at capabilities of the combined communities we again cannot say much but appreciation of where we are and an inspiration to get better.


Intent to build a sustainable growing community is abundant in the membership of those bodies.  The inclusiveness of the young generation but also the acceptance of diverse views show our shared intent to contribute to the african Internet community as opposed to personal views.


Integrity is very subjective but can be judged in this context on how many basic lies one side will publicly tell with a straight face to achieve a single objective.   Africa is more than the gtld in question.  We have as a collective community worked with integrity for many years to serve our community without looking at a business plan.  So if the inclusion of profit can create language like the one in the letter to Icann I wonder what the score on integrity would be?

Let's all get beyond this. I urge DCA to humbly accept that they might be loosing the race for .africa however appreciate that they are still part of this community and come back to serve the community in a positive way.   Let's stop thinking win-loose but explore options for win-win.  The job to be done in Africa is huge and we should not be spending our intellectual energies in this kind of negativity.  


The door is open from our end to come and talk to us,  the african culture enshrines peace and reconciliation.  We are ready to reconcile and if DCA really has the positive intent for Africa let's use this as the turning point.  


Africa will be here after we are gone lets work to leave a positive legacy.


Badru Ntege


NFT Consult Ltd 



“Vision without execution is hallucination.” 

― Thomas A. Edison


On 11 Aug 2012, at 23:28, Brian Munyao Longwe <blongwe at gmail.com> wrote:


I recently came across this letter written by Ms. Sophia Bekele to ICANN regarding the recently vacated position held by Anne-Rachel Inne at ICANN. Letter from Sophia Bekele to Akram Atallah <http://www.icann.org/en/news/correspondence/bekele-to-atallah-07aug12-en> 


While everyone is entitled to have their own opinion I find it extremely distasteful that Ms. Bekele would go as far as to allege that AFRICANN and for that matter AFTLD, AFRINIC, AFNOG, AFRISPA, AFRALO are made up of people who have sinister agendas.


I take it as a personal affront that such an aspersion would be cast on myself as I not only consider myself an interested party in AFRICANN but I have also been involved in the founding and establishment of some of the above organizations and believe them and the individuals associated with them to be above reproach.


I continue to find DCA's sustained divisive and millitant attitude quite troubling,


What do other community members think?





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