[AfrICANN-discuss] Strange letter to ICANN

Brian Munyao Longwe blongwe at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 22:28:43 SAST 2012

I recently came across this letter written by Ms. Sophia Bekele to ICANN
regarding the recently vacated position held by Anne-Rachel Inne at
ICANN. Letter
from Sophia Bekele to Akram

While everyone is entitled to have their own opinion I find it extremely
distasteful that Ms. Bekele would go as far as to allege that AFRICANN and
for that matter AFTLD, AFRINIC, AFNOG, AFRISPA, AFRALO are made up of
people who have sinister agendas.

I take it as a personal affront that such an aspersion would be cast on
myself as I not only consider myself an interested party in AFRICANN but I
have also been involved in the founding and establishment of some of the
above organizations and believe them and the individuals associated with
them to be above reproach.

I continue to find DCA's sustained divisive and millitant attitude quite

What do other community members think?

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