[AfrICANN-discuss] ITU to control Internet?

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Aug 9 17:32:32 SAST 2012

Hi Alexander,
At 05:18 09-08-2012, Ntoko, Alexander wrote:
>To start, I would suggest that you visit 
>http://www.itu.int/en/wcit-12/Pages/WCIT-backgroundbriefs.aspx for 
>background information about WCIT and the ITRs.

I read the following in some of the documents:

   "There is consensus among the ITU membership that interoperability
    is of prime importance  but how to make it happen is unclear, given
    today's complex mix of de jure, de facto and proprietary technical
    standards for systems and equipment."

Could you provide some examples of these de jure and de factor 
technical standards?

   "There are proposals to add or amend articles in the treaty
    to include security-related elements, including measures
    against spam."

I would like to read these proposals.  Where can I find them?


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