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I am pleased to announce the event
moderated by
Jessica Colaco and Alice Munyua
An initiative of the Kenya Internet Governance Steering Committee and  
iHub - Nairobi's Innovation Hub Kenya
4th Floor Bishop Magua Centre Off Ngong Road, opp. Uchumi Hyper
Thursday 29th September 2011
2.30 pm - 6.30 pm
iHub Overview and tech in Kenya
Speaker Introduction
Youth innovation, local content development and technical community  
African internet oldies to share with the young
Fireside Chat with Vinton Cerf and Q&A

The program includes a presentation of the RINAF project, which  
Italian National Reasearch Council implemented in Africa starting from  
the year 1991.

The Regional INformatics Network for Africa (RINAF) Project was  
conceived by the Intergovernmental Informatics Program (IIP) of UNESCO  
in 1985. At that time, no initiatives to set up research network  
services in Africa existed.  Due to  delays  incurred  in  gathering  
fundings  and  obtaining burocratical approval,  the project was  
started late in 1991 with funding  of  about  1 million dollars from  
the Italian Government.  The official opening of the project was held  
in DAKAR, in February 1992.
At that time, a number of projects were started under the initiative  
of different governments, companies or institutions of  the more  
developed  countries; some  initiatives were also started by the  
African countries themselves.  For these reasons, the RINAF project  
decided to invest the funding available to promote the use of research  
network services by cooperation with the initiatives already existing.
Mainly financed by the Italian Government (1 million US$), with a  
limited contribution from the Republic of Korea, the project was aimed  
to support the interconnection of academic and research institutions  
within Africa and to the international research community through the  
provision of computer equipment, of basic network services and the  
organization of training activities for technicians and for end-users.
The project Technical Co-ordination was assigned to CNR (Italian  
National Reasearch Council) through the CNUCE Institute located in  
Pisa. Stefano Trumpy was the RINAF Technical Coordinator and the  
Technical Support Unit was formed by Laura Abba, Adriana Lazzaroni and  
Abraham Gebrehiwot

RINAF played a significant role in disseminating the concept of the  
Internet protocol by forging links with the Internet Society that  
later emerged as key advocate to Internet diffusion in Africa. The  
project was instrumental in introducing the vanguard African ISP  
managers to Internet protocol (IP) concepts.

Best Regards, Laura Abba



Italian National Research Council (CNR)
Institute for Informatics and Telematics (IIT)
Via G. Moruzzi, 1- 56126 Pisa, (ITALY)
webpage: http://www.iit.cnr.it/

Stefano Trumpy
GAC representative and HLIG member
Institute for informatics and telematics
Italian National Research Council (CNR), Italy
stefano.trumpy at iit.cnr.it
  +39 348 8218618
Laura Abba
Head of Internet Governance Group
Institute for informatics and telematics
Italian National Research Council (CNR), Italy
laura.abba at iit.cnr.it
+39 348  7981001
Adriana Lazzaroni
Head of Scientific Secretariat
Institute for informatics and telematics
Italian National Research Council (CNR), Italy
adriana.lazzaroni at iit.cnr.it
+39 348 7981029
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