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Fellow Africans,

It is pleasing to read the email to inform of what is currently going on in
Dakar following the "Experts Meeting" which, with no doubt it was

With all due respect, looking at the practical/reality, to me, there are
important components that need to be analysed before we jump into a
conclusion - these are as follows:

Firstly why:
*"Communicate the current status of the work of the Task Force,"* at the
meeting? This could have been done earlier - what was the problem with this
I wonder - not everybody is in Dakar - can we please have this detail sent
out for wider knowledge?

*-" Listen to current proposals on the ground (AfTLD, DCA ARC..and any
others..)"** *I tend to think that this is not the place to reveal details
which we all agreed to be within the Functions of ICANN...I am afraid I have
to differ here - I would expect a statement on how the community is prepared
to take up the opportunities - Is this not interfering with the Application

*"-Engage the community on best way forward" - *This is very important
strategy - Advocacy is important - how could all African users help?

Then after:

*"- Fine tune a strategy for the AUC, which helps select the best option
for the coming new GTLd round". * This is where the ICANN process may be
compromised by political interventions - we are ought to respect the global
policy on this which was developed by a carefully formulated Policy
Development Process (PDP) which took a very long time to reach a conclusion
- does it mean that the gathering is going to do something different? This
needs to be understood -

Otherwise business as usual as agreed I hope.

There should have been an Agenda which was agreed earlier before the
gathering in Dakar since not everybody could be there.....Lest not overlook
the Policy Development Process which applies in everything we ought to do

Kind regards

Yassin *
2011/10/21 Dandjinou Pierre <pdandjinou at gmail.com>

> Dear colleagues,
> (Voir Le texte en francais ci-dessous)
> As per the recommendations of the just ended Experts meeting here in
> Dakar, we will organize the forum on DotAfrica during the ICANN
> Meeting .
> The objectives of the forum are to
> - Communicate the current status of the work of the Task Force,
> - Listen to current proposals on the ground (AfTLD, DCA ARC..and any
> others..)
> -Engage the community on best way forward
> - Fine tune a strategy for the AUC, which helps select the best option
> for the coming new GTLd round.
> The proposed agenda follows :
> 1-introductory remarks (Host country) 2mn
> 2- report on the activities of the AUC task force (Chair of Task Force
> and other members in Dakar) 15mn
> 3- Aplying for the DotAfrica Registry : the Africa grown initiatives
> (AfTLD, DCA and ARC..etc) 10mn each
> 4 Open Mike for the community   30mn
> 5-Wrap-up    5mn
> The Forum is scheduled for Tuesday 26 October in ROOM C1 from 17- 18h30
> Regards
> Pierre
> Chers Collegues,
> Suite aux recommandations de la reunion d'Experts qui a prepare la
> reunion des Ministres en charge des TIC, nous devrions organiser un
> Forum sur le DotAfrique durant la semaine de l'ICANN.
> Les objectfs vises par le forum sont les suivants :
> - Faire un rapport de l'etat actuel du travail du groupe de travail de
> l'UA sur le DotAfrique
> - Engager une discussion avec les differents porteurs de projets pour
> le registre DotAfrique
> - Debattre des differentes alternatives possibles avec la communaute
> Africaines
> - Arreter une strategie pour l'UAC en vue du demarrage du programme
> des nouveaux gTLDs de l'ICANN a compter du 12 Janvier 2012.
> Projet d'ordre du jour :
> 1-Remarques d'ouverture par le pays hote   2mn
> 2- Rapport sur les activites du comite technique de l'UAC sur le
> DOTAfrique (President task orce et autres membres presents a Dakar)
> 15mn
> 3- L'operationnalisation du registre DotAfrica: Les propositions
> Africaines (AfTLD, DCA et ARC..etc) 10mn chacun
> 4 Questions et reponses    30mn
> 5-Synthese    5mn
> Le forum est prevu pour le Mardi 25 Octobre de 17h a 18h30 dans la salle C1
> Salutations
> Pierre
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