[AfrICANN-discuss] Senegal hosts international meeting on Internet

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Source : http://www.africanmanager.com/site_eng/detail_article.php?art_id=17391
Senegal hosts international meeting on Internet 

Senegal is billed to host a three-day ministerial meeting starting 19 Oct in preparation for the meeting of Internet Cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers  (ICANN), also be held in the West African nation.

According to sources, the preparatory meeting will be jointly organised by ICANN, the Senegalese Ministry of Communication, Telecommunications and Information Technology as well as the country’s Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post (ARTP).

The meeting is expected to bring together ministers and technocrats on communication and information technology from across the globe. 

It will be followed by the ICANN 42 meeting 23-28 Oct. to look at policy review issues relating to Internet and its usage, as well as capacity-building session aimed at raising awareness on ICANN and its policies, organization and activities.

According to experts, one of the challenges facing Africa is the “construction of a new digital economy” which requires preparation of an “African agenda” that takes into account the problems of the continent in terms of internet access, infrastructure, governance, systems names areas and promotion.

Meanwhile, statistics provided by “Internet World Stats” has shown that Africa is among the regions of the globe with the lowest number of Internet users, accounting for only 5.7 percent,  representing an estimated 118, 609, 620 users  		 	   		  
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