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 [Webinar] The future architecture of global Internet governance


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*Dr Jovan Kurbalija*


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*Date: Wednesday, 12th October
**Time: 13:00 GMT
**Host: Dr Jovan Kurbalija*


The webinar will reflect on the 2011 Internet Governance Forum, which was
held in Nairobi at the end of September. The IGF gathered more than 2,000
participants and generated a vivid debate on the future of Internet

The underlying theme, both in workshops and corridor discussions, was the
future architecture of the global Internet governance. It is the reason why
the webinar will focus on the following main questions:

Firstly, is the Internet moving into a global policy ‘premier league’
alongside climate change, migration and security? Secondly, how can the
balance be preserved between the IGF’s multistakeholderism and the growing
demands of governments to have more say in the way Internet is governed
globally? Thirdly, what could be a possible role of the IGF in the emerging
architecture of global Internet governance, which includes ICANN, ITU, and a
wide range of other organisations and players?


Join *Dr Jovan Kurbalija*, one of the leading experts in Internet
governance, for a one-hour webinar on ‘The future architecture of global
Internet governance’, on *Wednesday, 12th October, at 13:00 GMT*. Please
register using the form below.

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