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Here is a conference that may interest you:

CFP2011 Conference: Computers, Freedom & Privacy:
"The Future is Now" (Washington, DC - 14-16 June 2011)
Venue: Georgetown University Law Center
600 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, D.C.
More information: <http://www.cfp.org/2011/>

CFP2011 is at the intersection of policy, technology, and action. The 
meeting will involve technology and policy experts and activists in 
forums designed to also engage the public and policymakers in 
discussions about the information society and the future of 
technology, innovation, and freedom.

The conference will include several speakers from Africa (Egypt, 
Tunisia, Senegal).
Most panels should be webcast at <http://www.cfp.org/2011/>.

Check these two panels in particular (available from the program page 
at <http://www.cfp.org/2011/wiki/index.php/Program>)

1) On Wednesday 15 June 2011: "MENA Beyond Stereotypes : Technology 
of Good and Evil Before, During and After Revolutions"

Panelists, including online human rights activists, from and/or 
focusing on the Middle-East and North Africa will deconstruct the 
'Facebook and Twitter revolutions' myth by analyzing the role of 
communication technologies before, during and after revolutions and 
the role played by local and foreign policy in the region, pre- and 

Panel Organizer: Meryem Marzouki, Senior Researcher in Political 
Sciences, CNRS/UPMC, France
Moderator: Meryem Marzouki, Senior Researcher in Political Sciences, 
Panelists: Amira Al Hussaini, MENA Regional Editor, Global Voices, 
Bahrain; Bob Boorstin, Director of Public Policy, Google, Inc., 
Washington D.C. office, USA; Moez Chakchouk, CEO, Tunisian Internet 
Agency, Tunisia; Deborah Hurley, USA; Jillian C. York, Director for 
International Freedom of Expression, EFF, USA; Nasser Weddady, 
Outreach Director, HAMSA/American Islamic Congress, USA.

2) On Thursday 16 June 2011: "Cybersecurity, Freedom and Privacy"

This panel will explore the comprehensive approach to cybersecurity 
being proposed by governments both in the US and around the world. 
These global initiatives seek to protect digital information systems 
and the information they manage from all threats. The category of 
threats will include those faced by governments, consumers, 
corporations, critical infrastructure, and networked local, state, 
and national government agencies. The challenges are not only 
domestic, but international in scope. This panel will explore the 
topic of Cybersecurity Freedom and Privacy as they outline the roles 
that governments, companies, users, and advocates can play or should 
play in attempting to create a free and safe Internet.

Panel Organizer: Lillie Coney
Moderator: Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post
Panelists: Mr. Lo Mouhamadou, the Senegalese DP Commissioner, Pradeep 
K. Khosla, Dean of the College of Engineering Carnegie Mellon; Marc 
Rotenberg, Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information 
Center (EPIC); Ross Anderson, Professor of Security Engineering, 
University of Cambridge; Timothy Edgar, Senior Legal Advisor to the 
Information Sharing Environment, Office of the Director of National 
Intelligence; Joe Onek, Principal, Raben Group; Stuart Shapiro, 
Security Scientist, MITRE Corporation

If any person is interested in blogging or tweeting, please contact 
Monique Altheim, Director of Media and Virtual Media Relations at 
mailto:monique at EDiscoveryMap.com.
More information at <http://www.cfp.org/2011/wiki/index.php/Media>.

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Senior Research Fellow, Center for Media and Communication Studies
Central European University (Budapest, Hungary)
Legal Researcher, Interdisciplinary Center for Law & ICT (ICRI)
University of Louvain (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
<cedric at laurant.org> - Skype: cedrichl
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