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Sun May 15 17:54:59 SAST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to remind all stakeholders that the nomination period for the above
Vacancy closes on 19 May 2011 at 20:00 UTC. The Announce Statement is reproduced
below for easy of reference:

According to Section 11 of the AfriNIC Bylaws, the following members
occupying seats on the AfriNIC Board will retire at the end of June

    Viv Padayatchy (Mauritius) - Indian Ocean sub-region
    Didier R. Kasole (DRC) - Central African sub-region

    Lala Andriamampianina (Madagascar) - Indian Ocean sub-region
    Jean Philemon Kissangou (Congo) - Central African sub region

As a result, two (2) seats on the AfriNIC Board will be open for

A) Seat 3: The Indian Ocean sub-region (Primary and Alternate)
    Mandate: 2011 to 2014
B) Seat 4: The Central African sub-region (Primary and Alternate)
    Mandate: 2011 to 2014

We are pleased to invite nominations to fill in the above seats.

Any suitable natural person residing in one of the above sub-regions
can be nominated provided they comply with the minimum
qualifications stipulated in Section 11 of the Bylaws.
Self-nominations are also acceptable but need to be endorsed by two
AfriNIC members in good standing.

Nominees should demonstrate at least three years of managerial
experience in the Internet Protocol Service/ Business or other
Internet related organization and preferably hold a senior level
position such as Board member or similar. Candidates should be able
to actively participate and contribute to all activities conferred
to the Board under Section 13 of the AfriNIC bylaws:


Candidates should have a good comprehension of the English language
(the working language of the Board).

Nominations should be sent tonomcom2011 at afrinic.net  with the
following information:

1. Candidate Information
- Nominee (Full name):
- Organization (or affiliation):
- Position: Physical address:
- e-mail address:
- Phone number:
- Fax number:
- Country of Residence:
- Sub-region nominated for:

2. Nominator:
    Name, e-mail address, organization and motivation.

3. Seconder Information – in the case of a self-nomination
    (must be a member of AfriNIC in good standing).

     Seconder 1: Name, e-mail address, organization and motivation.
     Seconder 2: Name, e-mail address, organization and motivation.

4. Referees :
     1. (Name, e-mail address, organization)
     2. (Name, e-mail address, organization)

5. Brief statement explaining the candidate's background and
motivation (in English, and in not more than 500 words). Please
highlight what expertise and experience you will bring to the
organization in general and to the board in particular. A copy of
the candidate’s CV (in English preferably), should also be attached.

The deadline for nominations is Thursday 19 May 2011 at 20:00 UTC.
For more information on the election process, please refer to


or, in case of clarification you can contact us at

nomcom2011 at afrinic.net

Note: It is highly expected that candidates attend the AfriNIC-13
meeting in person on the Election Day (09 June 2011) where they may
be afforded an opportunity for introduction and to make a short

More information about AfriNIC is available at

Gift Shiva
2011 Nominations/Elections Committee

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