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[ISOC] 45 days left until the end of ISOC’s Member and Chapter Challenge!
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Dear Internet Society members,

There are only 45 days remaining until the end of the Internet
Society's first ever Member and Chapter Challenge!

The Challenge, which is open to both individual members and Chapters and
runs until 30 April 2011, provides you with an opportunity to help the Internet
Society advance its mission by growing its membership and to win some great
prizes (see below).

ENGLISH: http://www.InternetSociety.org/memberchallenge<http://www.internetsociety.org/memberchallenge>

FRENCH: http://www.isoc.org/fr/isoc/chapters/challenge/
SPANISH: http://www.isoc.org/es/isoc/chapters/challenge/

Here's how to participate:


As an individual member, you can win exciting prizes through a lucky prize
draw by inviting your friends and colleagues to join the Internet Society:

•                Recruit 3 to 5 new members: a chance to win a portable DVD
player or wireless headphones.
•                Recruit 6 to 9 new members: a chance to win an MP3
playeror netbook.
•                Recruit 10 or more new members: a chance to win a
smartphone (HTC Google Nexus One or similar) or tablet computer (Samsung
Galaxy Tab or similar)

You can invite new members by forwarding your personalized link to your
friends (or copy-paste it onto your blog, website, social networks,
etc.). Just ask them to click on it in order to sign up. Please find below a
sample text that you might want to use in order to invite your friends and
colleagues to join the Internet Society.

*-> You can find your personalized link by logging into the Internet Society
Member Portal at https://portal.isoc.org*

The number of new members recruited by you will be determined by the number
of people who used your personalized link to sign up. If they don't use this
link to become a member, we will not be able to give you credit!


The Chapter that recruits the most new members between 1 February and 30
April 2011 will win international visibility by being showcased on the new
Internet Society website.

*Want to join a Chapter?*
*Check out our list of Chapters at http://www.isoc.org/isoc/chapters/list/

Best regards,

Internet Society Chapter Support


SAMPLE TEXT TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS (please feel free to adapt)

Dear .....,

As a member of the Internet Society, I am supporting an organization that
believes the Internet is for everyone. I strongly recommend that you
join the Internet Society as well and help shape the future of the Internet.
You can sign up by clicking on this link:


Global membership with the Internet Society is free. You can find more
information about the organization, its activities and the different
types of membership at http://www.isoc.org/members/

Best regards,

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