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Hi All,

Please find below Announcement for AfNOG 2011. Kindly send to various lists.

Please note Deadline for receipt of Applications is 4th March 2011.



AfNOG Secretariat

*AfNOG-12 and AfriNIC-14: Meetings 29 May - 10 June, 2011*

The African Network Operators' Group (AfNOG) and the African Network
Information Centre (AfriNIC) are pleased to announce that the 12th AfNOG
Workshop & Meeting and the AfriNIC-14 Meeting would be held in Dar Es
Salaam, Tanzania from 30th May to 10 June 2011.

*About the Entire Event*

AfNOG and AfriNIC are jointly organizing a two-week event that includes the
AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology (offering advanced training in a
week-long hands-on workshop), several full-day Advanced Tutorials, a one-day
AfNOG Meeting, and a two-day AfriNIC Meeting.

In addition, several side meetings and workshops will be hosted in
collaboration with other organizations.

*Local Host*

The joint Local Host for AfNOG 2011 are Tanzania Communications Regulatory
Authority (TCRA) and Tanzania Network Information Centre (TzNIC)


Unix Boot Camp

29 May 2011 (Sunday)

AfNOG Workshop

CERT Training (AAF/AfREN)

30  May – 3 June 2011 (Monday - Friday)

30  May – 4 June 2011 (Monday – Saturday)

AfriNIC IPv6 Workshop

4 – 5 June 2011 (Saturday - Sunday)

AfREN Meeting / AAF

4 -  6 June 2011 (Saturday - Monday)

AfNOG Tutorials

5 -  6 June 2011 (Sunday - Monday)

AfriNIC LIR Workshop

6   June  2011 (Monday)


AfNOG-12 Meeting

6   June 2011 (Monday)

7  June 2011 (Tuesday)

AfriNIC-14 Meeting

8- 9 June 2011 (Wednesday - Thursday)



10 June 2011  (Friday)

10  June 2011 (Friday)

*Venue & Hotel*

Venue  & hotel for the event will be announced shortly.

*About AfNOG*

AfNOG (See <http://www.afnog.org/>) <http://www.afnog.org/> is a forum for
cooperation and the exchange of technical information between operators of
Internet-connected networks in Africa. AfNOG has organized an event like
this one every year since 2000.

*About AfriNIC*

AfriNIC (See <http://www.afrinic.net/>) <http://www.afrinic.net/> is a
Regional Internet Registry (RIR), responsible for Internet Number resources
Management in the Africa region. AfriNIC organizes two Public Policy
meetings every year (see < http://www.afrinic.net/meeting/>).

*AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology*

The AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology aims to offer advanced training to
people who are in the process of developing and enhancing an
Internet-connected network with regional and international connectivity. The
target audience includes senior and mid-level technical staff of commercial
Internet service providers (ISPs), academic networks, government networks,
or NGO networks.

This workshop builds on the experience of previous AfNOG workshops held
annually from 2000 to 2010 in eleven different African countries, and also
the Internet Society's INET workshops, held annually from 1993 to 2000 at
eight locations around the world. The workshop's instructors are an
international team with many years of experience operating large networks
and teaching about network operations.

The workshop is divided into Six parallel tracks:

   - SS-E - Scalable Internet Services (in English), focused on the design
   and operation of email, web, and other Internet services, in ways that can
   scale to handle large numbers of end users.
   - SI-E - Scalable Network Infrastructure (in English), focused on the
   design and operation of networks using routers and switches, in ways that
   can scale to handle large numbers of interconnected sites.
   - NM –  Network Monitoring & Management (English)
   - AR  -  Advanced Routing Techniques (English)
   - CT   - CERT Training (English)
   - SI-F - Infrastructure Reseaux IP (en francais), similar to track SI-E,
   but given in French.

*Workshop application information is at *:



* **Workshop Deadline – 25 February, 2011*

* *

*AfREN / Africa Asia Forum*

The Africa Research and Education Networking  (AfREN) and Africa Asia Forum
communityl (AAF) will  be holding a three-day meetings /turorials from 4 – 6
June 2011. The meeting will discuss issues of interest to the NREN community
such as coordination on activites in the region, advocacy, bandwidth
consortia, regional RENs etc.

Additional information on AfREN /AAF 2011 will be provided shortly.

*AfNOG Tutorials*

AfNOG will offer 1 to 2 full-day(s) tutorials on advanced topics.

Tutorials take place in a classroom-style environment, and may include a
hands-on practical component. Tutorials are non-commercial in nature, and
most are technically oriented. They are intended to offer advanced training
on technology already deployed or soon to be deployed on networking and
related services provisioning for ISP operations.

Additional information about AfNOG 2011 Tutorials will be availabe here:


*12th AfNOG Meeting*

The 12th AfNOG meeting will be held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on 7 June
2011. AfNOG conferences provide a forum for the coordination and
dissemination of technical information related to backbone/enterprise
networking technologies and operational practices. The meetings are
informal, with an emphasis on relevance to current and future African
backbone engineering practices. The AfNOG 2010 conference in Kigali, Rwanda
drew over 150 participants, mainly consisting of network engineering staff
from national service providers, and members of the research and education

Additional information and the Conference schedule will be available here:

*AfriNIC-14 Meeting*

The AfriNIC-14 meeting will be held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania for two days
from  8 – 9  June, 2011. AfriNIC Meetings are open to everyone and provide
an excellent opportunity to take part in Internet policy discussions. These
policies, which describe how Internet Number Resources should be managed and
distributed, are developed by the community. The meeting will include
tutorials, presentations, update on the various working groups and the
AfriNIC Public Policy Meeting. The two day meeting will be preceeded by a
two-day IPv6 training. The meeting will focus on the IPv6 protocol and its
deployment, especially in Africa and the issue of the exhaustion of the IPv4
pool of address space. There will be an opportunity to discuss the
challenges which our region will be facing with IPv4 address space

Further information will be available at <http://www.afrinic.net/meeting/>.

*ISOC **DAY and AfPIF Conference*

The Internet Society will be organizing an ISOC DAY on 6th June and African
Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) on 10th June 2011 in conjunction
with the AfNOG 12 and      AfriNIC 14 meetings in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
The conference will discuss the situation of Internet Interconnection in
Africa, the challenges as well as the solutions, including Internet Exchange

The meeting agenda will be available shortly.

*Visa Requirements*

Citizens of certain countries require a visa to enter Tanzania. Please check
with the Tanzania Embassy or Consulate in your country

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