[AfrICANN-discuss] another reason to attend our ethical hacker or cissp training

Jean Robert Hountomey hrobert at iservices.tg
Sat Jan 15 22:08:34 SAST 2011

Russia Hackers are pleased to announce RH2.5 KIT ver 2011 that people can use to hack & secure computer systems by 
knowing exactly how a hacker would break into it.

Collection of Advanced Hacking Guides & Tools.

PDF Guide:

      1. Advanced Hacking Guide with MEtasploit
      2. Malware Development (RATS, botnets, Rootkits)
      3. Convert exe into PDF, XLS, DOC, JPG
      4. Exploit development guide
      5. Tech Tricks (Spoofing-Sms,email,call)
      6. Download any Apple Apps Free of cost 7. Credit Card HAcking
      8. Netbanking Hacking-bypass Virtual KEyboard
      9. Spreading guide to Infect 100K/Victims per day
      10. Advanced Email Hacking Tricks
      11. SET(Social Engineering Toolkit) module 
      12. Links for other russian hacking sites 

Hacking Marketplace

{Value more than 1500 USD}

      1. Polomorphic Crypter's (to make Files undetectable-
      bypass all AV Scantime,runtime)
      2. Java Driveby FUD (deploy your exe by URL on target)
      3. Immunity Canvas (Hack remote pc with IP address)
      4. Paid Botnets (Spyeye,etc)
      5. IRC Bots(Ganga, niger,etc)
      6. Yahoo messenger zeroday exploit (run exe on target)
      7. Ice pack Enterprise (execute exe using php script)
      8. Bleeding_Life_V2_pack /Other Packs  Service's:
      1. One Linux Based VPS with Root access for Lab Setup (Safe & Secure)
      2. VPN Double + Triple Encrypted (Hide your real Ip Address)
      3. Fake Emailer with attachment
      4. Email Bomber (Send 1 million emails into Inbox)
      5. DDOS Attacks Shells 

Hire a Hacker 
for Offensive and Defensive services, Internal on-site penetration testing gives 
the business the assurance it needs to conduct safely in the Internet and with business partners.

Email at: root at russiahackers.ru or russiahackers at mail.ru 
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