[AfrICANN-discuss] Last 5 /8s distributed

Adiel A. Akplogan adiel at afrinic.net
Thu Feb 3 18:23:52 SAST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

At a ceremony taking place today in Miami (http://www.nro.net/news/icann-nro-live-stream) 
the last /8s from the IANA IPv4 pool have been distributed to the RIRs and AfriNIC got 
102 /8. The rest has been allocated as followed:

103/8   APNIC      2011-02   whois.apnic.net     ALLOCATED	
104/8   ARIN       2011-02   whois.arin.net      ALLOCATED	
179/8   LACNIC     2011-02   whois.lacnic.net    ALLOCATED	
185/8   RIPE NCC   2011-02   whois.ripe.net      ALLOCATED

You can still follow live the press conference currently going one right now.

The central IPv4 pool is gone. Let look at IPv6 the protocol that will support the next 
generation of the Internet.

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