[AfrICANN-discuss] Call for PARTICIPATION TechDay Dakar 2011-10-24

Ben Fuller abutiben at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 09:36:58 SAST 2011

The ccNSO Technical Working Group will again hold its TechDay on
the Monday of the coming ICANN meeting in Dakar.

This time we would like to have an African theme, if possible, and
would therefor solicit presentations from Africans, of interest to
(cc)TLD Managers, in particular smaller and middle sized, but of course
also large ones.

We are obviously interested in technical issues, but operational ones
as well, and even administrative, in particular if it's interesting.

Though this Wg is chartered by the ccNSO, this might be interesting
cross-constituency as the experienced made in the cc space can also
helpful in the new g space, in particular as far as developing countries
are concerned.

We have requested French translation services, but would appreciate
if at least the slides could be in English or bilingual for storage on
the ccNSO web site.

Please circulate appropriately and contact me at el at lisse.NA.

greetings, el
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