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The .Nxt conference opens today and runs until Friday, covering every aspect
of the new gTLD program, plus sessions on Internet policy and governance,
business of running a registry, marketing and PR, auctions and sunrises, and
much, much more.

If you are not able to make the conference physically, you may be interested
to follow events live and online through our streaming video channel. A
pass for the conference will give you live streaming of all events in the
main room, plus access to recordings afterwards.

To find out more, go to: http://dot-nxt.com/video

To see the full schedule: http://dot-nxt.com/program/session-schedule

Just some other highlights:

* A keynote from cyber-activist John Perry Barlow
* A panel moderated by marketing guru Jeff Hayzlett
* A discussion of the role of governments in the new gTLD program
* A panel on the impact that new gTLDs will have on the end user
* A brands panel discussing what large companies can and should do with new
Internet extensions
* And much more.

So if we don't see you in person, hopefully we will see you online.

.Nxt team

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