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Title: Team Cymru Launches Network Intelligence Portal
Source: Team Cymru Press Release
Date Published: 23rd October 2010


'....Today at MENOG 7 in Istanbul Team Cymru launched a
revolutionary new tool called TC Console that shows what’s happening
on a network whilst integrating industry leading data about
malicious activity.

TC Console is specifically for those responsible for network
security: basically, those who can take action based on the insight
it provides.

It is offered as a community effort. The richness and value of the
data is made possible by contributions from the community in order
to ultimately benefit the community.

Therefore, those wishing to enjoy the benefits of TC Console should
expect to contribute to further enhance the service. Those
contributions include bandwidth, hosting, data from Darknets and
other sources. Other contributions will be considered, so please
give us a call.

There really is no more complete and valuable source of critical
information to help you protect your network and your users.

To see the tool in action, see

Potential users can e-mail outreach at cymru.com for details of the
application process to get a TC Console account, and applications
can be made at www.tcconsole.com

To read the complete article see:

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Ian Cook
Security Evangelist
Team Cymru

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