[AfrICANN-discuss] Safety and Security Plan for ICANN Meetings

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 Safety and Security Plan for ICANN Meetings

5 October 2010

As announced earlier within the updated Plan for Enhancing Internet
Security, Stability &
ICANN is posting the Safety and Security Plan for ICANN International Public

This Safety and Security
116 KB] describes the planning process to evaluate and manage security
related risks to the overall enterprise and to leverage the ICANN security
team and local resources as well as support from security consultants.

Building on efforts to support improved security planning for ICANN
Meetings, the process described in this Safety and Security Plan will be
incorporated in the site selection process and in security preparations for
ICANN Meetings held in FY 2011 and beyond.

As part of the process set forth in the Safety and Security Plan, ICANN is
also posting the assessment of
64 KB] conducted by an outside expert for the December 2010 ICANN
Meeting site. This assessment, from international security consultancy
Control-Risks Group, details the security threats to be considered in
planning for the ICANN Meeting in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.
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