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Dear Esam,

Thanks for the great news!  I'm glad to hear you're making significant 
progress.  Congratulations, and I pray you make even more progress in the 


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Subject: [AfrICANN-discuss] FW: Approval of AXIS funding

Dear All,
I’m very glad to inform you that we have received a formal approval notice from 
the “EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund” for the AXIS project. The total amount 
of financing from the Trust Fund is equivalent to 5,1 million EUR.
Please find attached a copy of the document received from the Secretariat of the 
Fund hosted by the EIB.
Kind regards, 
Mr. Esam M. Abulkhirat
Senior ICT Policy Officer
Department of Human Resources Science & Technology
African Union Commission
Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
P.O.Box 3243
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Abulkhirate at Africa-Union.Org
Aldhina at Yahoo.Com 

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