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Dear ICT Colleague,

With critical information infrastructures, data and personal information, children and even freedom of expression on the internet coming under threat from various quarters, resilient and robust Cybersecurity frameworks are increasingly becoming important to Governments, businesses and individuals.

Countries around the world are doing everything they can to meet the challenges of Cyber Threats. The challenges are not insurmountable but they require the right technological, technical and strategic capacities to deal with. The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO), the UK Office of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and the UK Office of Cybersecurity (OCS) believe that the most successful approach will be “ALL-HANDS-ON-DECK”.

In this light the CTO invites you and your organisation, institution or company to attend our Cybersecurity Forum 2010 taking place on 17 & 18 June in London, UK.

Pay a nominal fee to attend as a delegate or sponsor so you can take advantage of the high profile delegation to network, share ideas and discuss technological options.

For further information please visit the event website<http://www.events.cto.int/CyberSecurity2010>, or download the brochure here<http://www.cto.int/Portals/0/docs/event_docs/2010/CyberSecurity2010/cyber%20security%20reg%20form.pdf>.

To register online click here <https://www.regonline.co.uk/t/c.aspx?0=129271&2=50231222&8=9&9=f59PXTXq7uQ=&10=9&7=YJv/W7fIswLUNI1UOpbmTg==&1=863314> .

We look forward to hearing from you!


Samuel Fletcher

Manager I International Events & Corporate Communications


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