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Good morning,


As you already know, the ICANN Board requested in its meeting in Nairobi
stakeholders of SOs and ACs to develop an approach to providing support to
applicants requiring assistance in applying for and operating new gTLDs
(resolution in blue).

Whereas numerous stakeholders have, on various occasions, expressed concern
about the cost of applying for new gTLDs, and suggested that these costs
might hinder applicants requiring assistance, especially those from
developing countries

Resolved (2010.03.12.46), the Board recognizes the importance of an
inclusive New gTLD Program.

Resolved (2010.03.12.47), the Board requests stakeholders to work through
their SOs and ACs, and form a Working Group to develop a sustainable
approach to providing support to applicants requiring assistance in applying
for and operating new gTLDs ."


Today, 2 ICANN Working Groups are tackling this topic: the first is
addressing the categorization of applications and has already come up with a
draft report, and the second (Joint SO/AC Working Group on New gTLD
Applicant Support) has just started its work, and its duty is to evaluate
and propose policy recommendations regarding support to new gTLD applicants
in justified cases.

Some of us are members of one or both WGs and I hope most of us subscribe so
that the African point of view will be reflected in the recommendations. 


AFRALO (African Regional At-Large Organization) decided in its April monthly
teleconference to hold a joint meeting with the whole African community
participating in the Brussels meeting to discuss the possible support for
new gTLD applicants as per the Board resolution in Nairobi, and bring the
African point of view to the working group.


Anne Rachel and Heidi think that the proposed joint meeting can be an
AfrICANN meeting with a single topic rather then general information sharing


*         Would you be interested in discussing the support for the new gTLD
applicants from Africa during the AfrICANN Meeting in Brussels? 

*         If yes, would you like the AfrICANN meeting to focus on this
single topic? Or would you rather have the AfrICANN meeting be the usual
general information exchange that occurs at these meetings with another
meeting focusing on the topic of support for the new gTLD applicants from


With my best regards




Vice Chair of AFRALO

Phone : + 216 71 875 761

Mobile : + 216 98 330 114

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