[AfrICANN-discuss] New Members Elected to the AfriNIC Board of Directors

Katim S. Touray kaamt at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 23:41:03 SAST 2010

Dear Maimouna and Dr. Traore,

Congratulations!  I'm glad you both will be serving on the AfriNIC Board as West Africa representatives, and I am sure you'll do a fantastic job.  I wish you all a rewarding and successful tenure of office.  Again, congratulations!!!

En Français

Cher Maimouna et Dr. Traore,

Félicitations! Je 
suis heureux que vous ayez tous les deux seront siégeant au Conseil en 
tant que représentants AfriNIC Afrique de l'Ouest, et je suis sûr que 
vous ferez un travail fantastique. Je vous souhaite à tous une occupation 
enrichissante et fructueuse du mandat. Encore une fois, 
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Subject: [AfrICANN-discuss] New Members Elected to the AfriNIC Board of Directors

Dear Colleagues,

As a result of the Board Elections that took place during the
AfriNIC-12 Public Member & Policy meeting on Thursday 03 June 2010,
we are pleased to announce the election of the following candidates
to the AfriNIC Board:

1) Nezar N. Sami (Egypt) and Khaled Koubaa (Tunisia) respectively as
  Primary and Alternate Directors from the Northern Africa region.

2) Ndeye Maimouna Diop Diagne (Senegal) and  Alioune B. Traore (Mali)
  respectively as Primary and Alternate Directors from the Western
  Africa region.

The terms of the newly elected Board members start on 01 July 2010 and
for a three-year period.

Congratulations to the newly elected Board Members and we wish them
success in their new position.

On behalf of the 2010 Election Committee, we would like to thank all
the other candidates that stood for this election for their interest
in serving the community.

Finally our sincere appreciation goes to the t Elections Committee
and its Chair for their good job in coordinating the whole process.


Adiel A. Akplogan
Chief Executive Officer
AfriNIC, www.afrinic.net
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