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If this an effort towards strengthen the GAC, why not?  As long as we have
one stable, sustainable and secured internet.  I think it would be good for
others such  Organisation  in Africa should emulate the CoE and contribute
towards the work of ICANN.




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Not a bad move at all by the Council of Europe, I guess.


7 June 2010


Council Of Europe Wants In On ICANN Government Body 

The 47-member Council of Europe wants to become an observer in the
governmental advisory body of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers (ICANN) and is pondering on a possible role as secretariat
provider for the ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC). ICANN is the
technical oversight body for the internet domain name system. Following a
declaration adopted by the CoE Council of Ministers on "enhanced
participation of member states in internet governance matters" at the end of
May, the CoE secretary general is now asked to "arrange that the CoE becomes
an observer at ICANN's GAC." ICANN is seen by the CoE, who in recent years
did address internet governance issues more and more, as playing "a key role
in ensuring the operational stability, security and resilience of the

According to the Council of Ministers, the GAC could help to ensure "that
the management of internet resources by ICANN takes full account of
international human rights law." In addition, the secretary general of the
CoE has also been asked "to explore, in consultation with the GAC, ICANN and
other relevant stakeholders ways," how the CoE could contribute to arranging
the GAC secretariat, according to a CoE press release. For years, the GAC
secretariat has rotated among various GAC member states. According to the
&%20BackColorIntranet=EDB021&BackColorLogged=F5D383>  of the CoE Council of
Ministers, efforts are "currently underway to establish a competent,
independent and more stable secretariat for GAC." 

By Monika Ermert for Intellectual Property Watch





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