[AfrICANN-discuss] Remote Participation for AfriNIC-12

Lillian Sharpley lillian at afrinic.net
Tue Jun 1 18:43:10 SAST 2010

Dear Colleagues,

For the duration of the AfriNIC-12 conference, we have setup two mechanisms for remote participation:

++ a streaming server to listen to audio of the proceedings and
++ a Jabber server to interact with fellow attendees.

For the benefit of remote participants who wish to follow the proceedings of the conferences, meeting sessions will be broadcast live between 2-3 July 2010. In addition, an instant messaging server will be available to post comments and/or queries.

Live Streaming:

The live audio stream will be available at the following URL :-

http://streaming.afrinic.net:8000/meeting (this link will be available from 2nd July 2010)

Most platforms should have a client immediately available (windows media player, quicktime, real, winamp, vlc, mplayer... etc.) capable of playing back the stream. Typically, all you need to do is navigate to the aforementioned URL and your browser will automatically launch the appropriate application necessary to listen to the audio. Alternatively, you can launch your favorite media player and from the "File" menu select "Open URL", enter the URL above and then hit "Ok".

Instant Messaging (IM ):

For ease of use, AfriNIC supports two methods to connect to the meeting Jabber services; either through a web interface using your web browser, or through a conventional Jabber client.

Those with jabber clients/software can join the meeting room,
afrinic-12 at jabber.afrinic.net.

A list of jabber clients can be found at http://www.jabber.org/web/Clients

If you have no access to a jabber client, you can alternatively send their comments and/or queries by email to live-comments[at]afrinic.net

If you would like to participate, but are unable to setup a jabber client, you're welcome to use the web interface available at: http://jabber.afrinic.net [You'll want to joint the room afrinic12 at conference.jabber.afrinic.net]

More information and detailed agenda of the conferences can be found at the following URL: http://meeting.afrinic.net/afrinic-12/index.php/the-meeting/agenda


AfriNIC Meeting Team
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